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Bisphenol A, an endocrine disruptor, is found in many food-related items such as baby bottles, bottled water and cans. Flickr.com CC0 1.0 zhrefch

Environmental pollutants are found in our body. While the government has just presented its roadmap to fight against endocrine disruptors, the Public Health Agency France publishes a study on six groups of pollutants, such as bisphenols and parabens. Conclusion: they are all present in the body of the French.

Bisphenols, parabens, phthalates, glycol ethers ... Behind these complicated names, are hidden pollutants of everyday life, which can be found in particular in food packaging, toys, paints, cosmetics and care products. Some of these substances are known or suspected carcinogens, others are endocrine disruptors , toxic to the reproductive system, such as bisphenol A. It should be noted that other bisphenols, which are supposed to be an alternative, are more and more suspected of having same harmful effects.

Children more affected

According to the report of Public Health France , the six groups of pollutants studied are found in the body of the entire sample followed by 2,500 adults and more than 1,000 children, a representative sample of the French population. The levels of impregnation of these products are higher in children than adults; among the hypotheses put forward: the fact that children touch and mouth more objects.

Air housing

Another teaching of the study: the use of cosmetics and care increases the levels of impregnation of parabens in particular. The lack of ventilation in the home also has a negative impact. Food is not the only source of exposure to these everyday pollutants.

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