Hackers can take over the 06 number from T-Mobile customers via a trick with a mobile hotspot, RTL News reports Monday based on its own research.

A malicious person who is connected to the mobile hotspot of a T-Mobile customer can use it to log in to the T-Mobile account on the provider's website. That is because T-Mobile makes it possible for customers to log in without a password. This function is on by default.

Once logged in, a hacker can take advantage of the recently supported T-Mobile e-sim, the built-in SIM card that can be found in the iPhone XS and XR, among others. After the hacker scans a QR code, the e-sim is activated on another device.

Once a hacker has access to his victim's 06 number, he may also be able to gain access to other services linked to the telephone number, such as WhatsApp.

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