Co-founder of virtual reality company Oculus Michael Antonov is accused of sexual assault, writes The Verge . Antonov is said to have touched a woman wearing VR glasses.

Autumn Rose Taylor, marketing director of game studio Owlchemy Labs, describes the event on Twitter. Oculus is now part of Facebook and Andrew Bosworth, the current top man of the VR team, responded to her tweets. "This is nauseating. I am sorry that this has happened to you and that you are now confronted with this trauma again."

Antonov was one of the co-founders of Oculus, but has not been working at Facebook since the beginning of this year. All the original founders of the Oculus have since left.

Taylor writes that the incident took place during the Game Developers Conference in 2016. She initially wrote about "a founder of a well-known VR hardware company," but later announced the name of Antonov.

At the time, Taylor would have been a student. She writes that Antonov invited her for a private session to view the new Oculus Rift. There he touched her while she was wearing VR glasses. "Michael Antonov was a bastard during the event. Men can't keep doing this."

Bosworth has been overseeing the Oculus team since 2018. "I don't accept this kind of behavior. We investigate all complaints every time." Antonov did not respond.