The consumer centers criticize the terms of use of rental e-scooters and have warned the providers for a total of 85 clauses. In an investigation of the conditions of use for all providers sometimes serious violations such as inadmissible liability regulations have been found criticized the Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv). Often vendors rejected any responsibility for the state of e-scooters and did not even want to guarantee that the rental service works, said the vzbv-legal expert Kerstin Hoppe.

The vzbv also objected to a delay in the maintenance and inspection duties on the users. For some providers, this would require them to check for brakes, lights, wheels, frames and batteries before departure. They could do this according to vzbvin usually not professional.

The vzbv wait, that customers would have to pay in part for damages, which they did not have indebted. If you hire an e-scooter "at your own risk", you are responsible for near-accidental damage caused by accident or theft. Several providers also considered that they could restrict or discontinue the service at any time and change rental conditions at short notice.

E-scooter providers want to do more for safety and order

vzbv mobility expert Marion Jungbluth said that innovations such as e-scooters could make the range of mobility services more diverse and make a contribution to a traffic turnaround. "But providers should do everything they can to make using e-scooters as safe, environmentally and customer-friendly as possible," said Jungbluth.

Since the approval of e-scooters in road traffic in mid-June, rental companies have started offering in several cities. The electric scooters are activated by app. However, there is also a lot of criticism on the scooters. So the scooters are often turned criss-cross on jogging paths. The central associations of municipalities and four large service providers have agreed to do more for the order and safety of pedestrians. Suppliers must therefore ensure that the scooters are safely parked or, if this is not the case, changed in a timely manner.