To refuel right at the motorway service area is convenient but expensive. A survey of the ADAC shows now how much more gasoline and diesel costs there: A liter of Super E10 costs therefore at motorway service stations on average 21.4 cents more than at a pump off the highway. Diesel is 23.8 cents more expensive. That could make up more than ten euros per tank.

For motorists, it is worthwhile, according to ADAC, when they leave for fueling only a few 100 meters from the highway. Petrol stations, which are located in the vicinity of the entrance and exit, take on average only about two cents more than the refueling stations, which are located entirely off the expressways.

What makes gasoline more expensive there?

As reasons for the higher prices Tank & Rast calls "the structural conditions of transport hubs" like rest areas on the highway. More than 20 years ago, the company received almost all concessions for the operation of rest areas along the motorways. They are usually operated by franchise partners. These special conditions include, for example, that motorway service stations usually have to be open 365 days a day, around the clock.

On the other hand, petrol stations on the other side of the highway may close when there is little going on, such as at night. And that saves costs. A price comparison of both business concepts is therefore not meaningful, criticized Tank & Rast and also refers to the oil companies - because this alone fixed the prices for the fuel.

Those in turn see responsibility at Tank & Rast: the company finally auctioned its concessions to the highest bidder - which has "led to a significantly higher financial base load for the oil companies in recent years," explains the Mineralölwirtschaftsverband (MWV). "The price difference to street filling stations has thus increased by the auctions."