Officials at IBM and the US Tennis Association said they have jointly developed a new artificial intelligence system that offers unprecedented new heights and levels in managing training programs and activities, talent discovery, and follow-up during games, and is expected to make major changes in the world. Tennis, which provides for the first time the opportunity for coaches and team officials, to monitor the mechanical and physiological load of the players in real time, and compare the performance of the players under these loads during training, during the games, and compare it instantaneously to the required performance rates, or the performance of their competitors in play, and then culminate E coaches all the time for the strengths, weaknesses and talents of each player, thus planning, implementing, modifying and developing training programs in an appropriate manner.

Coach Advisor

IBM published a statement on the system on the newsroom on its official website, explaining that the system bears the name of "coach advisor", stressing that it will be implemented in practice during the next round of the US Open Grand Slam. To provide a new tool that will change the world of the game, especially for professional tennis coaches, according to the director of the program of sports and entertainment partnerships for «« IBM », Elizabeth O'Brien, which confirmed that the new system has evolved in the work of« IBM »and the Union American tennis in the US Open 30 years ago.

Huge analytics

The basic idea behind the new system is that after professional players spend hours on the pitch during training or actual games, and coaches follow them based on things, such as attitude and facial expressions, to assess their stamina and performance levels during training and play. This is a radical process after the new system enters the arena, where the follow-up process will be fully managed through artificial intelligence and analysis of the real-time, based on a large amount of large data collected from the physical condition and performance of the player, compared with huge data Other related to the rules of play and skills, and the level of competitors, and being all that instantaneously, do not need a large group of staff who specialize in recording the player's data, and then analyzed.

Manage player power

The new system includes a variety of components, including sensors that capture real-time live data about the player, its movements and performance, artificial intelligence analysis tools, designed with the full participation of USTF experts, professional players and first-level coaches in the game, a high-speed and secure information and communication network, Allows instructors to access data in a timely manner.

At the forefront of the concepts applied by the system is the concept of "energy management" of the player, a method that demonstrates how the effort exerted by the player can best be managed through real-time measurements of the "mechanical load" experienced by the player during the game, and "physiological load" or The player's endurance and performance over time.

The system provides real-time measurements of both, and puts them in front of the coach, which was never measured in this picture at all before, and the coach can now better understand and faster where the strengths and weaknesses, skill, excellence and retreat of the player, and then search and plan It executes decisions that will make the player manage his energy at levels and places that make him perform best.

Continuous learning

The system does not stop at the measurements and real-time follow-up of the player, but always records all the player's data continuously, to achieve the advantage of «continuous learning», the system devotes to each player a section of its own, including video footage, and data collected instantaneously on the mechanical and physiological load, and video footage, Comparative tables monitor the evolution of his performance and skill level, and link all these data on the go with the statistics of tennis previously recorded in games and training programs, whether belonging to him or his colleagues and rivals, or presented in accordance with standards, rules and expertise related to the game as a whole.

Although the system will actually work in the next US Open, it is not a system or solution dedicated to working during tournaments, but a system designed and built to work with coaches, and help them to be more effective in training and development and discover new talent emerging.

Key indicators

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The most important thing for the new system is to give coaches the ability to search and get instant access to key performance indicators they want around their players, be able to point out those key points in the games, and develop Player performance, look at the games in depth, develop customized reports and a deep understanding of each individual player.