"Reporter Kang, I'm covering the Korea Customs Service these days, who is the whistleblower?"

Speech is jammed This is because I received an unexpected question at a very unexpected place. I met with a politician last week as I was preparing an article on the Korea Customs Service reported on the SBS 8 News since the 19th. Even if the contents of the article that have not been reported yet, it is fatal for the reporter, but it was really dizzy to go around rumors of who the informant was. No matter how rumored this floor is, this was too much. It was concrete and malicious. Extinction is not a problem, but it can be dangerous for the whistleblower.

This was not only. As the report day approached, rumors grew in and out of the Korea Customs Service. Due to the nature of the report, it is inevitable that some information is exposed in the process of meeting and confirming facts with multiple parties. But this time the character was a little different. Rather than just being a 'carder', rather intentionally mixed information, carefully edited from one side, informed the whistleblower.

The reporter could even report multiple testimonies that Kim Taek, a former prosecutor, directly reported to the Blue House. The SBS was reporting on the corruption of Customs officials with a kind (?) Summary of who they were supposed to be and what data they had. I heard that customs officials who went in and out of the parliament went to a parliamentary's office and told a similar story. Of course, the employee also said little about who the alleged whistleblower was supposed to be. The Korea Customs Service, a government agency and a party to corruption reports, was rumored to be who the whistleblower was.

The whistleblower cannot and should not be informed, but to take this opportunity, the reporters are asked to prepare a number of reports, including a number of former and current customs officers, not specific individuals, in order to prepare for reports on organizational corruption and structural ills. I met several reporters. I traveled around the country and took months. It's a matter of course. In preparing an in-depth report to a government agency, you cannot rely on just one reporter. KCS is not aware of this. Nevertheless, it is intentional to carry such rumors. It means to attack the messenger and destroy the message.

● Public Interest Reporter "Personal Threat". Infringement of Protection Law

At present, a number of public interest reporters and officials are known to feel threatened. In addition, customs officials who have been identified as unscrupulous parties are known to not go to work or to destroy the evidence and place "staying calm" everywhere. Nevertheless, the Customs Service not only approves long-term leave of the employee, but actually does not investigate it. It's a personal employee's job. If there is a threat to the whistleblower, how will you be responsible?

The Public Interest Protector Protection Act, which has been in effect since last year, imposes penalties of up to five years' imprisonment or fines of up to 50 million won on persons who have informed or disclosed to others the facts of public interest reporters or public interest reporters. It is prescribed. The intentions of reporters, reporters and reporters met by the reporters were to create a more integrity society by pointing out the poor national tariff system and structural diseases, not the disclosure of personal corruption. Those involved should be seen and protected as public reporters. But the KCS is going the opposite way. Some reporters contacted reporters told me that they were told not to see reporters at customs. The reporter would like to believe that it was just the personal words and actions of some customs officials.
The customs officers' misconduct revealed by the SBS report was remarkable. It is not enough to call it a 'Birly Department Store' such as accepting bribes or hospitality and looking at the convenience of customs clearance, going abroad for sex in groups, and asking for personal complaints with friends. Nevertheless, KCS postpones its aesthetic response. I didn't say that common official position. Instead, it's a trick that's spilling all over the place.

What the Customs is doing now is not to ruin who the whistleblowers are, but to undermine their intentions, but to scrutinize those involved through thorough investigation and devise preventive measures to prevent this from happening again. Unfortunately, that will not be seen yet. The coverage team will continue to follow up. This is because the Korea Customs Service must escape the stigma of corruption and, above all, damage to the people. Urge the Customs to be self-contained and correct;

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