A British judge has ruled that a 27-year-old British hacker has to pay back almost 923,000 pounds (about 1 million euros) in bitcoin and other crypto coins. The virtual coins are seized from the hacker, who is already imprisoned in the British prison.

After Grant West was arrested in September 2017, he was in possession of 1.6 million pounds of crypto coins, but due to currency exchange rates it was difficult for prosecutors to determine the value of the digital currency.

West was sentenced in May 2018 to ten years in prison for various crimes, including fraud and drug possession. With cyber attacks and phishing emails aimed at more than a hundred companies worldwide, he came into possession of financial customer data that he resold online. He converted his winnings into different crypto coins.

The judge ruled on Friday that West must cooperate in the seizure of the virtual coins. If he does not do so, he risks an additional four years in prison.