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Osan white bone body criminal was caught… 'Runaway Pam' young men who ate Hanpot rice


In June, the white-body was found dead at Yasan in Osan, Gyeonggi-do, and was killed when he was a 17-year-old male runaway youth when he died last year. The three in their twenties were found to have done this because the youth cooperated in police investigations of their other crimes.

The white bones found at a mountain in Osan, Gyeonggi-do, were killed in a runaway youth, a 17-year-old runaway youth, when he died last year.

The three in their twenties were found to have done this because the youth cooperated in police investigations of their other crimes.

The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency says it has arrested three people, including A (22) and two men of the same age, on charges of murder and concealment.

Mr. A and his wife, who were living together in runaway spam (17 at the time), were punished because they were being punished for telling the police about their other crimes. To a factory.

He is said to have been strangled between 7:48 pm and 9:14 pm and killed and tortured his body in a nearby mountain.

Runaway spam is a community where runaway youths live together.

A and others have used runaway youths to collect cannon banks and sell them to voice phishing organizations.

Mr. A and others informed the police that they had been investigated by police in June last year for suspicion of undermining the exploitation of minors in attracting runaway youths. It was reported that they planned to execute and executed.

Army B was found on June 6 this year, nine months later.

The owner of a graveyard in Yasan accidentally found it and reported it to the police.

Police suspected that they were likely to have been killed based on their nakedness and shallow burial, and they set up a dedicated team of 44 people in the Gwangsu University.

The police faced an investigation when the body was found to be in the white bone and the only clue to the body's identity was the results of an autopsy by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, a 15- to 17-year-old man with highly caries.

However, at the end of last month, when more than 38,000 people, including runaways, long-term absentees, and non-resident IDs were issued, were identified, Group B wore accessories such as rings and earrings from the body-discovery site at Group B's Social Network Service (SNS). I confirmed the identity by comparing the family DNA of group B with the DNA from the body.
Within 49 days of body discovery, Army B dropped out of high school in 2017 and had a past runaway.

The missing report was not received.

Since then, the investigation has been in rapid succession, and while the police have analyzed the final traces of Group B, they found out that Group B lived in the runaway spam that Mr. A had at the time of his death.

The police arrested A on September 19 after Mr. A's DNA came out of the trunk of a car they used last year and A purchased shovels and gloves, etc., before the crime.

A and the other were arrested in jails and prisons for separate crimes, while the other was arrested during military service.

The police reportedly admitted all charges.

The police are also investigating two persons, including C (18), who have been instructed by Mr. A on the day of the incident and have led B to the factory in Osan.

Army B will leave the runaway youths such as Mr. A and run away from the runaway youth shelter, fearing that he will be retaliated for the fact that he had been retaliated for the fact that he had been told about him when he was under police investigation for inducing a minor drug abuse. "I got a call and went to the Osan factory and was stooled.

Ms. C was known to have been acquainted with A and B.

General murder charges are punishable by death penalty, weapons, or imprisonment for more than five years, compared to death, weapons, or imprisonment for more than seven years.

The police will soon close the investigation and send the case to the prosecution next week.

Gwang-su Yoon, president of the Gyeonggi Nambu Office, said, “We will pass the case to the prosecution through a digital forensic test on a cell phone seized from Mr. A and others.” “It's been almost a year since the incident occurred. I'm glad I can free one of the dead. "

(Photo = Yonhap News)

Source: sbskr

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