The 18-month-old girl was brain dead. His brother, injured in the accident after his parents fled, was hospitalized for minor injuries.

The drama of Samer, in the Pas-de-Calais, continues. The 18-month-old girl, who had been brain-dead at Lille University Hospital after being seriously injured in a road accident, died on Wednesday night, reports La Voix du Nord .

He suffers from brain damage

His brother, who was three years old, was also on board the vehicle that struck a railroad bed wall on Monday. He had been transported to the hospital for minor injuries, but since his condition appears to be degrading. The child was transferred to Lille University Hospital and suffered brain damage that could lead to paralysis, according to Philippe Sabatier, deputy public prosecutor.

The third child, four years old, also present in the car during the impact, is out of danger but remains hospitalized, in shock.

Suspected of "assassination attempt"

The parents of the three children had fled after being admitted in shock to the Boulogne hospital. They were arrested after a two-day trip, and are now in police custody. The mother, who was driving the car, is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

In addition to the accident, the couple would be suspected of "attempted murder" for stabbing a man to whom they had made an appointment in Boulogne shortly before the accident. The man would be a former companion or lover of the mother.