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[News tick] punishment of 'cool' in a gas station


[Go Hyunjun's News] It's time for Go Hyunjun's news. What is your first news today? <Hyun-Joon Go / Critic Reviewer> As Korea-Japan relations are more sensitive than ever, Dokdo is more interested in the news.

[Go Hyunjun's News]


It's time for Go Hyun-jun to pick out the hottest news. What is the first news today (22 days)?

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

As Korea-Japan relations are more sensitive than ever, Dokdo is even more interesting. This is the news that Kim Shin-yeol, the only resident of Dokdo, has returned to Dokdo.
Kim is the wife of Kim Seong-do, who is famous for 'Dokdo Keepers'. He left Dokdo on the 19th of the month after leaving Dokdo in November 2017.

He will also take over Dokdo's vacant position after his husband passed away in October last year. In 2005, he paid the first national tax.

It was an activity to publicize the fact that Dokdo is Korean territory.

Since Kim Seong-do passed away last year, many Ulleung-gun calls to want to live in Dokdo have been pouring 60 calls a day.

At that time, his wife, Kim, was also a resident of Dokdo, so it was early to find out about other residents. Kim, who came to Dokdo again, said he would stay in Dokdo for a long time.


I hope you enjoy your stay healthy. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

Nowadays, many mobile vouchers such as coffee coupons are exchanged as gifts.

There are often cases where you forget and forget the expiration date. As early as next year, the voucher will be valid for more than a year.

Now, if a mobile voucher is valid for a short time, it can be a month or three months long before it can be used up or has to be extended each time. In order to remedy this inconvenience, the Fair Trade Commission and the National Commission on Human Rights have devised an improvement plan.
All mobile vouchers have been extended to one year or more, just like paper vouchers, and the vouchers indicate that a full refund can be made if no specific merchandise is available.

Even if the expiration date has passed, the rule that if the expiration date is not more than 5 years has passed, 90% of the balance can be refunded.

Based on the proposed improvement plan, the FTC and the Commission will promote the revision of the standard agreement through consultation with related companies and ensure that the revised standard agreement will be disseminated next year.

Even if it is issued in the name of advance ticket or exchange voucher, it is regarded as mobile voucher and the standard terms mentioned above are applied.


What is the next news?

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

Next news is from China, and a staff member who responded to the smoker at a gas station was very hot.

The video was taken at a gas station in Hubei, China earlier this month. A drunk man enters a gas station and tries to put gasoline into his tricycle.

A gas station employee refused to sell because he did not have the permits needed to purchase gasoline. Instead of leaving an angry gas station, he took a cigarette in his mouth and set fire to it.

Gas station employees have repeatedly warned people to turn off cigarettes because it is dangerous to smoke inside gas stations, but men ignored them.
Eventually, a gas station employee picked up the fire extinguisher and sprinkled it on the man, the area was full of fire extinguisher gas, and the man was astonished at the scene.

But instead of a few meters, I stopped again and smoked. The staff chased indefinitely, sprinkled with the extinguisher gas and eventually punished.

Source: sbskr

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