The oldest active webcam connected to the internet stops broadcasting after 25 years. The FogCam, which shows a refreshed image of a street in San Francisco every twenty seconds, is switched off at the end of August, can be read in a notification on the website.

The webcam went online in 1994 by then students Jeff Schwartz and Dan Wong of San Francisco State University. The webcam has been moved several times from location to meet the wishes of the university.

In an interview with SFGate , Schwartz says that the webcam is taken offline because there is actually no place to place the camera. "The university tolerates us, but they don't actually support us, so we have to find safe locations ourselves."

The FogCam will be taken offline on August 30, but the website will remain in the air as a reminder of the webcam. "The internet has changed a lot since 1994," Schwartz and Wong write on Twitter. "But the FogCam will always have a special place in history."

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