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Kim leads us to a 'round pass'… Get a record of corruption in customs officials


▶ [Place until end ①] 'Bribery and sex entertainment' in exchange for clearance. . . Get a record of corruption It is a movie 'war on crime' that many of you have seen. Here is a scene depicting the corruption of customs officials in the 1980s.

▶ [Place until end ①] “Bribery and sex entertainment” in return for custom clearance. Obtaining corruption recordings


It's a movie "war on crime" you've seen a lot. Here is a scene depicting the corruption of customs officials in the 1980s.

[Man: this is not much but any meal ... .]

[Min-Sik Choi (Customs staff): I don't have to do this.

Whether this is a story from a movie or if it's still happening, the panda team covered the Customs Service until the end of the SBS exploration report. We have secured several texts and conversations between customs officials and importers who are guarding the gates of the Republic of Korea and thus calling themselves guardians of the customs border. And we've checked and verified for a long time that it's true.

As Naraddon officials, I will tell you about the fact that they are taking care of their inheritance by cracking the gateway to the border.

First of all, I am a reporter.


In January 2017, a customs officer at Kimpo Airport, aka Kim, sends a text message to someone.

[Kim Hwang (Customs Staff, 2017.1.9 2:46 pm): Do you have income declaration?]

The recipient of the message is Mr. Oh, an importer of shoes and clothing from China.

[Oh (Importer, Jan. 9, 2017, 5:03 pm): I have a declaration on Thu and Sat.]

Mr. Oh will tell you when the goods will come in and when they will be reported, and the cargo serial number. Customs Kim will tell you in real time from the import declaration to the processing result.

[Kim: I'm in. I'll tell you to handle it.]

[Kim: All three items have been approved.]

In another letter, Kim informs President O in advance of his working day and asks him to send a lot of cargo on that date.

If the date is still incorrect, President Oh asks Kim to change his job.

I asked the customs officer why the date was set.

[Former Customs Officer A: (Kim) You're saying 'Saturday is me too'. (Self) on duty. If you come on duty, you'll just pass it. (If you have a problem, can you clear it?) Yes. There are two cases where customs clearance is done by papers and sometimes when you go out. If you do it with paperwork, just pass it and press pass. Don't just pretend to look at the test.

The procedure for importing imported goods into Korea is strict.

When a product enters an airport or port, the Customs Service checks that the importer's declaration matches the product and that it is not a prohibited item.

If there is no problem, you will be taxed and allowed to be brought in. There is a hole in the process.

[Former Customs Officer B: It's about how things got in advance and how to organize them and write them together. It's a terrible case.]

Customs official Kim's eyes closed and passed through Chinese shoes and apparel products are believed to be fakes, so-called counterfeits.

This is a video of Kim talking with a colleague.

[Kim: Honestly, do you think it's genuine or what you bring? Tell me honestly.]

[Hwang, H. (Kim's colleague): I think it's a fake again.]

What happened after the perforation clearance examination?

[Kim: I haven't had any fun in the company until recently, but I want to go abroad, but it's nice to meet you.]

[Oh CEO: LOL This is a bit of a thrill and it's fun to earn pocket money]

The conversation seems to have been paid in exchange for customs clearance.

I also obtained voice files to support this.

[Kim Hwang recording: A gift certificate that moved my heart? Originally, Mr. Oh (Oh) tried to give 400,000 won. He gave me 200,000 won later. I might feel rejected at first. (Original) cash unconditional.]

It can also be described as the secret of not getting paid indiscriminately from several importers.

[Kim: I don't have any contact with other people at all. Then I'm burning. Lost in taste It's just reckless here and there and then you buy it. All. Only one person can kiss each other like this and hopefully it won't take you.]

An informer, who knows the relationship between Mr. Kim and Mr. Oh, said that Mr. Kim received between 500,000 and 1 million won each time he checked for customs clearance.

There seems to be more customs officials who received the money.

[Kim: I wish I had someone like Hyung actually.]

[Hwang: I, I, I like it too.]

[Kim: I hate it if there's no one like that, how good it is. You know our code.]

[Hwang, you're comfortable.]

[Kim: I'm comfortable with the code.]

There are also situations where you have been entertained by an importer.

[Kim: I don't think I can do it because there are so many things I've eaten. I'll get you prostitution. Give me some money. Are you going to raise your emotions?

The Code of Conduct for Customs Officials strictly prohibits private contact with people involved in the job, for-profit acts based on status, receipt of money and entertainment.

(Video coverage: Cho Chang-hyun, Video editing: So Ji-hye, CG: Hyun-jung Jung)


▶ [to the end ②] "to build up the bond"… Until online reviews on expeditions


I have seen some customs officials accept money and pass troublesome products at will. The person responsible for keeping the gate strictly opened wide. In addition, our coverage revealed that some customs officials went abroad to prostitution. The Customs Service went into inspection.

I am the best reporter.


In 2016, it was the SNS dialogue between Kim and his fellow officials who worked with the customs at Gimpo Airport.

One of the subjects of conversation is the Thai expedition.

Share information about escorts and costs.

Tell them how to take a prostitute to a hotel,

[정 ○○: A glass of beer lightly. Korean Idol lightly slicing the game ends.]

Some officials are willing to falsely explain why.

[New ○○: It is a secret travel. I want to tell you that I would like to have some experience before studying abroad.]

Chat room officials actually left the expedition.

They even called prostitutes into hotel rooms to take pictures and videos.

[Speaker: You have to keep that secret, so you can get along better, so you've solidified the customs people with it.]

If a civil servant is caught in prostitution, he can be dismissed or even released.

However, guilt was hard to find in customs officials' conversations.

In particular, Kim posted several posts describing the prostitution in a closed community that shares information about prostitution in Thailand.

He told me that he worked in customs and told me that I wanted to go to prostitution.

[Kim: I'm going to be loaded with bullets this October. If you have any customs inquiries, please contact us.]

When SBS began to report, the Korea Customs Service launched an official inspection of four customs officials, including Kim.

(Video coverage: Cho Chang-hyun, Video editing: Jong-woo Kim, VJ: Kim Jun-ho)


▶ [Folds until end ③] Coverage begins, so it's latent… Public Service Officers


Until our end, the panda team went directly to listen to the opinions and objections of the KCS officials who had suspicions as a result of their coverage, but they could not hear their stories. Some people locked the door or went on long vacations.

Reported by Kim Ji-sung, whether the current civil servants, who are paid by tax, may be the case.


I went to the place where Kim Mo, a public official of the Korea Customs Service, suspected of having a sex trade.

[Mr. Kim / Korea Customs Service Official: (We're looking for a right to protest.) What do you mean? (Yes, so I'm going to explain a little bit about whether this seat is good or the other seat is good.)

Kim asked for some time to think,

[Mr. Kim / Korea Customs Service Official: No, I'll think about it.]

The office door is locked.

[Kim 00, are you? We're waiting outside for two and a half hours now, so why don't you open the door?]

[Mr. Kim / Korea Customs Service Official:... ]

Even after work, Kim did not come out.

[Kim Mo / Customer Service Officer: (Hop.) I will not respond, today. Go back. (Can you open the door?) Yes, it is difficult.]

Another Customs official who left the expedition was away.

[Customer Service Official: (I heard that you went to work today.) Yes, you went to work.]

Soon after another public official came out and blocked the reporters.

[Customer Service Official: Get out. (Don't you come in?) Get out. Please come in. Not official? Get out soon.]

I put off meeting with the reporters because I'm not feeling well,

[Mr. Shin / KT Official: I went to the emergency room yesterday because I had a bad heart this week. .]

[Kim Mo / KT official: Oh, my heart hurts, I have arrhythmias, but my heart hurts… .]

There are also officials who were disconnected just before the meeting.

Some officials took leave and avoided coverage.

When the SBS coverage began, one official applied for a leave of text for more than 50 days and sent a medical certificate by fax, but the Customs Office found that it received it.

[Customer Service Officer: I can't force you to come out. . Common sense is that from an organizational point of view, it's basically a human right… . (How did you get your vacation?) With a letter. (Can it be treated as a letter?) I think so. I would have received a medical certificate by fax.]

The officials surveyed said they denied allegations or made no comments.


Some of you may think that this is the personal deviation of some officials of the Korea Customs Service. Towards the end, the team will look at the corruption that is directly linked to Customs duties from tomorrow, and the possibility that those corruptions have been involved in the high ranks of the Customs Service.

(Video coverage: Chang-Hyun Cho, Video Editor: Won-hee Hyung, VJ: Jun-Ho Kim, CG: Jun-Ho Lee, Composition: Tak Ji-yeon)

Source: sbskr

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