In response to the so-called Jeju Carnival Assault, voices are calling for severe punishment of violent wielding people on the road.

Reporter Han So-hee reported.


A man sticks his face out of a car window and swears.

The car is approaching, and after stopping the car, three people come down and approach it.

Threatening to open the door and shaking the car.

[I'm shaking the car. now]

The place in the black box video.

As you can see, the cars are running fast, and the cars have stopped at the first lane of these roads.

[A / Report driver: It was so scary. Once big and tattooed, he continues to threaten and kill him.]

Mr. A says the car in retaliation drove more than 20km over 20km from North Riverside to Olympic Street and back to Freedom.

You changed the lane in front of the vehicle and that was the beginning.

[A / Tip Driver: If you do get in, you can go after it and stop the car. Is this the right thing for going around? Too bad.]

Police are investigating both sides for alleged threats and violations of the Road Traffic Law.

In the last two years, 8,835 criminals have been criminally retaliated in the country.

Half of these were prosecuted and punished criminally.

[Jung Kyung-il / Attorney: When applying the law, the investigation agency does not apply the hard law, but if the simple assault threat goes further than that of the special assault threats, it is like this. ]

It is pointed out that thorough investigation and severe application of law on the road are a pity.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, Video editing: Park Ji-in)