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I know the road, but I don't know my son. Why is my son?


[SBS Special] My mother is popping uncomfortable son ② How can my son and mother get closer? The SBS Special, which aired on the 18th, sheds light on the relationship between mothers and mothers who were born with different genders than others in the world under the theme of 'popular mother's innocent son'.

[SBS Special] My Mom's Uncomfortable Son ②

How can my son and mother get closer?

The SBS Special, which aired on the 18th, sheds light on the relationship between mothers and mothers who were born with different genders than others in the world under the theme of 'popular mother's innocent son'.

Park Hyo-sun was happy with her birthday party 10 minutes ago. But in 10 minutes the atmosphere changed completely. The three sons turned their mothers upside down as if they had promised. Hyo-sun said, "At raising three sons, the tone and voice changed a lot. Husband attracted attention by saying, "It was feminine in the old days, but recently it became a bit outrageous."

Would a house with one son be different? This is a rumored Korean. However, not only did Joo forgot, but if he didn't take it, he could skip homework. Ojihyeon mom was frustrated, "Why is my son?"

Jung has two sons. The first son was a stubborn man who had to get anything if he wanted. Mr. Jung said, "I wonder if all the other houses are the same.

In a survey of 1,000 mothers who had them, 86% said it was difficult because of their son. In particular, 84% of mothers said, "I have been depressed because of my son." One mother said, "Son is a beagle." It resembles a beagle called a demon dog. Why do moms think of their son as a beagle?

Oji Hyun's mother is raising two daughters and a son. In particular, although his son is two years older than his daughter, his mother's worries arose because he couldn't do anything without his mother's care. Ojihyeon said, "I do not say properly to my son. So I will say it many times. But once I say it, my daughter did it all. I don't understand my son."

The mother gave the same three tasks to her daughter and son. My son, Joo-eun, seemed to be working on her mother's problem book for a while and said, "I can't speak Korean?" Even though I knew my mother would say no, I acted like that. The difference between sons and daughters was soon revealed. The son only opened the problem house, the thoughts were all elsewhere. But her daughter finished her assignment in 45 minutes, adding to what she didn't. However, the son was not able to concentrate even when the sister finished all the tasks and smoked.

According to experts, "the most significant difference in the characteristics of brain development between men and women is the difference in the volume of the brain. The daughters are good at doing various tasks at once. This is the effect of the volume of the brain. "It's hard to do the task."

Another expert said, "Men have developed spatial perception. Logical thinking has developed. Women have brain areas of verbal learning and empathy. There are some differences in brain development between men and women. Yes, "he added.

The production team experimented with three boys and three girls. The children traveled unfamiliar paths under the guidance of the teacher. In particular, the teacher talked to the children constantly so that they did not recognize the way.

After an hour of rest, we checked whether each of the girls and boys could return to the starting point. The girls wandered, not remembering any way. But the boys remembered the exact path and moved from the beginning. This was a difference of spatial perception ability and of language ability. Boys focused on sight and girls focused on hearing.

Sons who are not sensitive to hearing. This was the cause of his son's inability to concentrate on his mother's story. Brother Jung's son, Jung, had forgotten his promise with his mother. Son Jung-woo said, "I forgot my mother's story. My mother's story is so small that I can't hear it." Mothers with sons said that the most difficult thing about raising a son was "it's hard to hear my mother's words in one ear and shed them in one."

Experts say, "Don't accept my son when I say it many times. But when my mom bursts out at the very end, I accept it. But my son hates me because my sons don't remember the myriad of previous processes. I will accept it. "

The beginning of how to be a good mother for a son is to understand the characteristics of the son and to acknowledge that he is different from me. The mothers, who were born daughters, taught mothers with experts to understand the unknown son. Experts said, "It is communication that is important when raising a child. You need to learn how to talk to your child through play. Also, if you use a group of children, you will have to set rules and keep them together. Conflict will be reduced. It is important to make. "

The mothers applied the methods learned through experts. Then, the son noticed a very different change than before. Through the solution, mothers found it important not to stand up to it, but to understand and accept their son by heart. Woman before mom, man before son. Acknowledging the difference will bring us closer.

(SBS funE Kim Hyo-jung editor)

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