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Noko Nishigaki: so are the creations of the 10-year-old Japanese tattoo artist that sweeps the nets


For a while to this part the number of ink lovers that crowd at the door of the Gakkin Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam continues to increase. The fault is not the growing

For a while to this part the number of ink lovers that crowd at the door of the Gakkin Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam continues to increase. The fault is not the growing reputation of Kenji Nishigaki's designs worldwide, but the part-time presence of the youngest tattoo artist in the world: her 10-year-old daughter Noko .

Although it may seem crazy to let yourself be macarded for life by a girl who has just completed her first decade of life, the truth is that it is enough to take a look at her first works to realize instantly that, as they say those who have seen To the little girl in action, the skill with which it is handled with the needles is typical of someone "very special".

Something that his father realized very soon. Specifically, the day that Noko, with just six years, that age at which most children begin to read autonomously, to pronounce with clear clarity and write small stories, asked for a piece of synthetic skin to draw the one It would be his first tattoo.

In the words of Noko to Dazed , that first experience was so "fun" that, in the last four years, he has not stopped tattooing virtually no day. Partly because it has become his favorite hobby, and partly because more and more customers are knocking on the door of Gakkin's studio asking about her.

As with his father, almost all the designs that come out of his hands are related to nature. Although he loves to draw cats and dogs , most of his drawings are birds inspired by the illustrations made by the American ornithologist and cartoonist John James Audubon in the early nineteenth century.

His obsession with these animals is such that, according to his father, in addition to having a little bird as a pet Noko has a room full of drawings and stuffed birds. Some of them, as you have already warned your parent, will end up tattooing you as soon as you turn 18. It will be then that you change your temporary tattoos for real ones.

Children and imperfects: the formula for success

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One of the trends that are triumphing lately among ink lovers are funny, imperfect, carefree and candid tattoos, like coming out of a child's stroke. A good example of this is the interest aroused by the work of tattoo artists like Helena Fernandes, known worldwide for printing all kinds of children's scribbles on the skin of her clients.

What Fernandes has to force is what Noko comes out naturally. That is the great added value that, in Gakkin's opinion, has led his daughter to become a phenomenon in the networks: "His drawings are simply lovely. I am surprised that he is able to tattoo as he does at his age. His talent It makes me feel tremendously proud, "he told the Caters agency.

Although the compliments do not stop raining, Noko is aware that, as it cannot be otherwise at his age, he still has much to learn. What costs him the most, according to his own words, is to work on the contours: "I like doing shadows rather than contours. When I have to do one, I get very nervous because I know I can't go wrong. That's why when I get it right I get extremely happy".

Although there are those who see it as the next great tattoo star , the goals that Noko has set are much more modest and short-term. At the moment he is satisfied with learning to make "a perfectly straight line". The rest, for now, must wait.

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