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Apple plans to launch iPhone 11 and Watch 5 in September


Apple plans to launch the iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch 5 in the first half of next month. According to leaks that have now accelerated around the phone and the watch, the iPhone 11 is expected to undergo design changes and improvements, making it somewhat different from the two models.

Apple plans to launch the iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch 5 in the first half of next month. According to leaks that have now accelerated around the phone and the watch, the iPhone 11 is expected to undergo design changes and improvements, with some difference from the previous two models, the iPhone 9 and iPhone 10, as Similar to the difference brought by the «iPhone 8», from the previous two models «iPhone 7» and «iPhone 6».

As for Apple Watch 5, the most notable developments are the addition of short, intermittent and deep sleep monitoring, as well as more applications for women's health monitoring, a new processor and the latest version of the OS's WatchOS 6.

These forecasts came in two separate reports on both the watch and the phone, published by the business insider website,, recently, during which they collected the most prominent leaks about the producers in the last two weeks.

Change the design

After the release of the iPhone 6, the design of the iPhone remained without any qualitative gestures or fundamental changes, and the iPhone 7 came as an extension of the design of the iPhone 6 in all its models. But with the introduction of the iPhone 8 markedly changed to begin a new design cycle, it made a difference between the iPhone 9 and iPhone 7 on the one hand, and the iPhone 8 on the other.

The same was the case with the iPhone 9, iPhone 10, or iPhone X, where the two editions formed a new design touch that embodied a second design cycle spanning both versions.

According to this cycle of development and improvement, the iPhone 11 is expected to be the beginning of a significant change in design, as happened in the previous two design cycles, to introduce a new design cycle, linking the designs of the phones iPhone XS and X Max “XR” comes to an end and introduces something new, the “perfect version” of the iPhone X design.

If those expectations are true, those who bought the iPhone X in the past two years will have the opportunity to sell and reinvest their money in the new iPhone 11, because their current phones still carry the features and design quality that makes them desirable by many, at affordable prices. This could provide an opportunity to revitalize the sales of the new iPhone more than in the 2018 and 2019 models, which recorded a dramatic decline, making the iPhone sales as a whole fall to fifth place globally by the beginning of the second half of this year.

New cameras

The cameras represent the second biggest change or improvement expected in the «iPhone 11», and leaks suggest that «Apple» will put a completely new camera system in all dimensions in the back of the phone, where it will add a third wide-angle lens for the first time, is supposed to produce great shots of group photos or Landscapes or anything you want to shoot.

According to the famous analyst, Meng Ku, who is known to provide more accurate predictions about the products of «Apple», the cameras «iPhone 11» will try to cover up the weaknesses that appeared in previous models, which made the «iPhone» behind a number of competitors in the this point. He predicted that the iPhone 11 cameras will see a profound improvement, making the subject of photography the first case of iPhone 11.

New technologies

It is expected that the «iPhone 11» will come with many new technologies reached by «Apple», especially in terms of processor and battery. According to some leaks, these two elements will be completely new, and perform longer lasting, compared to older models. In addition, there will be a special key to mute, and new capabilities in applications dealing with video and images, make the phone achieve a smooth and enjoyable experience.

«Watch 5»

The fourth generation of Apple Watch 4 has been a huge success thanks to its health and fitness tracking capabilities, especially the heart sensor, which is capable of performing an EKG that helps detect irregular heartbeats.

The fifth-generation Apple Watch 5 is expected to follow the same path and offer further health-oriented improvements, such as the ability to track women's health measures, sleep tracking, safety and disorders, or body health during sleep. , A feature that is still lacking in Apple watches, and is offered by some of its competitors such as Fitbit watches.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has already tested sleep-tracking systems in the past few months, which are expected to appear in the fifth generation of its smartwatch next month, to do all the functions on Fitbit devices, such as how long it has grown. How much time did you spend in light and deep sleep? Bloomberg predicted that this feature will be present in Apple smart watches market in early 2020.

Operating System

It is expected that «Apple» will continue to upgrade the processor running «Watch 5», and raise the speed of the new processor at the same pace witnessed the transition from the processor from the third generation to the fourth generation processor. The fourth-generation S4 processor was twice as fast as the third-generation S3 processor.

With regard to the operating system, Apple is expected to provide the watch with the sixth version of the smart watch operating system «Watch OS 6», which was unveiled for the first time during the annual conference of the developers «« Apple »last June, The new operating system is expected to bring new features, such as the standalone application store, and new health metrics support tools such as hearing health.

New Ceramics

Apple is expected to expand the use of ceramics or ceramics in the manufacture of its fifth generation of smart watches, and shifting from an option for luxury models to the option available in many models expected to be offered, and therefore, users of the «Apple» will have more opportunity to buy a smart watch at the end And ceramic frames.

This is what the analyst, Meng Ku, said in his latest forecast for the upcoming hour. He said that «Apple» uses porcelain in the back of the fourth generation watches, but will expand this use, to play a greater role in the new generation of porcelain.

New processor and properties

Track sleep and hearing

Women's health is among the highlights

Features of Apple Watch 5.

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