Firefighters were trying to save the life of an octogenarian when the vehicle was stolen and degraded. They announced that they would file a complaint.

Firefighters were robbed and degraded their ambulance in a sensitive area of ​​Aix-en-Provence, while they tried, in vain, to save the life of an octogenarian, and announced Saturday to file a complaint.

On the night of Friday to Saturday, firefighters "were doing everything to reanimate" an 80-year-old man in cardio-respiratory arrest, when they "were alerted that their rescue vehicle was being stolen", according to a communicated.

The vehicle found 20 meters further and degraded

"Despite that, they put all their efforts to help their victim, who unfortunately died on the spot," he continues. They then found their vehicle, "20 meters away, blocked between a wall and a car, a side torn off."

"If it had been necessary to transport the victim urgently to the nearest hospital, it would have been impossible in such circumstances, which would have greatly aggravated the state of health of the victim," the firefighters said. to be too often "the target of individuals too little respectful of the values ​​defended by the corporation of soldiers of the fire".

"Faced with more and more frequent incivilities, firefighters have difficulties to intervene in good conditions and to provide the best care to the wounded when they become victims too," the statement said.