Xbox has no plans for a console that can only stream games, says Xbox's director, Phil Spencer, in an interview with Gamespot . Microsoft's game branch is currently working on the successor to the company's Xbox One, the current game console.

In the interview, Spencer says that "as far as we are concerned, the phone in your pocket is the device for streaming, the game console under the TV must remain the device on which you play games locally".

Microsoft announced in June this year that they are working on a new game console under the name Project Scarlett. It is not yet known what the new game console will be called and what the console can do exactly. The intention is that the console will be on the market in 2020.

Microsoft's streaming service will be called xCloud and will receive a beta test in October. It is not yet known when the service will be officially available

Stream computer games

Better technology and faster internet connections make it possible to stream computer games from a server, instead of loading games from a hard disk or Blu-ray.

Google is also working on its own streaming service, Google Stages. This service can be used without a game console. A device with the Chrome browser is sufficient, Stadia can also be used on a TV with a Chromecast.

PlayStation has had a streaming service for some time: PlayStation Now. This service can only be used on a PlayStation game console. PlayStation Now has been available in the Netherlands since May 2016.

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