Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants to change the road traffic regulations. E-scooters and cars with at least three occupants should be allowed to use the bus lane according to a draft, report Bild newspaper and the news agency dpa. Motorists who park on biking paths or sidewalks or do not form a rescue lane should therefore have to pay significantly higher fines in the future. "We find it fair that anyone who blocks the escape route, is severely punished, this is about life and limb," said Andreas Scheure (CSU) of Bild newspaper.

The penalties are to be increased significantly: Parking in the second row, on footpaths and cycle paths as well as the holding on protective strips should cost in the future up to 100 euros. So far, it's 15 to 30 euros. Even the three-minute hold on protective strips should not be allowed in the future. Drivers who do not make up a rescue route should pay a fine of 320 euros; There would be a month driving ban and two points in Flensburg.

More protection for cyclists

Cycling should be safer. In addition Scheuer provides in his draft that cyclists and electric scooter riders may only be overtaken in cities with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from cars. A new road sign can ban cars from overtaking two-wheelers altogether.

Scheuer had already announced in May that he would examine and adapt a number of rules and funding conditions in favor of cycling. Also a green turning arrow for cyclists at traffic lights should be provided. Analogous to Tempo-30-Zones for cars in the future also bicycle zones should be arranged.