Install folders in «Windows 10»

The Windows 10 operating system is full of features, including Windows explorer, which includes what is known as the quick access feature of files and folders. A set of folders and files appear at the top of the application window when it is opened. .

However, the user sometimes wants to see a specific folder within this list to access it quickly, but the application does not allow it, because it displays only subfolders, so, you can install a folder by heading to the left side of the taskbar »taskbar , And then click the «Windows Explorer» icon.

Find the folder that you want to appear under the Quick Access menu, click it to select it, scroll to the top of the window, and click the home menu.

Go to the clipboard submenu, then click the Pin to quick access button.

Highlight text in Pages

The Pages app for Mac, iPhone and iPad allows its users to highlight a particular piece of text by adding a different color above it to draw others' attention to the desired text. The application also allows you to add a comment to this part of the text, if desired by the user. So, if you're a Pages user via Mac, you can highlight and highlight any part of the text you want by following these steps:

- Open the Pages app and go to the document you want to make changes to and open it.

- Select the text you want to highlight by double-clicking it.

- Go to and click the Insert menu at the top of the Insert page, then scroll inside the drop-down menu that appears until you reach and click Highlight.

- You will see a preview toolbar at the top of the screen, so if you want to highlight more parts of the text, just select it, then click the Highlight option on the toolbar at the top.