Kim Hak's former Undersecretary of Justice accused of receiving bribery and sexual abuse has denied the charges in his first trial.

Attorney Kim's lawyer said today that he is basically denied all charges in his first trial at the 27th hearing of the Seoul Central District Court Criminal Agreement.

The defendant said, "The defendant was already acquitted of alleged sexual assault and illegal filming in 2014. He was also rejected by the court for filing a lawsuit." Still, the prosecution has been investigated and prosecuted.

"The prosecution set up an investigating officer headed by the current prosecutor and tried to punish any charges apart from the rape charges in question, and prosecuted a series of bribery charges."

The lawyer also criticized the prosecution, "The time and place of the crime are often unspecified, and it is close to abuse of the right to prosecution.

Even if Kim was admitted to the entertainment, he also argued that bribery was not established because job relevance and consideration were not recognized.

The lawyer also complained, "The defendant, who was a senior attorney general, was stigmatized as an unscrupulous rapist for six years, subjected to all kinds of ridicule and accusations, and was forced to be silenced without any excuses."

Kim, who was present in court with a yellow-colored vet, nodded his head, saying silently to the court's question whether he agreed with the lawyer's claim.

Kim, who appears to have a shaggy white beard, stared at the front or the bottom with a firm look throughout the trial.

Sometimes, even when I had questions from the court, I just expressed my intention.

The court decided to hold a second trial on July 27 and call Yun Joong-cheon, a bribery donor, as a witness.

Kim was accused of collecting bribes worth 130 million won, including receiving 31 million won worth of money from Mr. Yoon from January 2007 to February.

There are also charges of receiving about 50 million won from another businessman, Choi Mo, from August 2003 to May 2011.

Kim received the sexual reception from Wonju Villas between summer 2006 and December 2006 as a bribe that could not be calculated.