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Block the desert island!… Two men struggling 'Youngsan Island survivor'


[SBS Special] Chairman and Secretary ① The remaining life of Yeongsan-do with only 20 villagers was revealed. In 'SBS Special', which aired on the night of 11th, the villagers living on the small island of Yeongsan-do are depicted as 'Lee and Secretary'.

[SBS Special] Chairman and Secretary ①

More than 20 villagers lived in Yeongsan-do.

In 'SBS Special', which aired on the night of 11th, the villagers living on the small island of Yeongsan-do are depicted as 'Lee and Secretary'.

Next to Heuksan Island, Yeongsan Island is a small island that can be reached only by changing boats twice. Choi Seong-gwang and Gu Jung-yong were directors and chief executives of 50 years who were born and raised there.

Choi Seong-gwang said, "I do not have anyone to work. I and my secretary, all 70s and 80s. Not only our island, but also other islands."

Choi Sung-kwang and Gu Jung-yong spent the childhood together and left the island while attending middle school. Two men were best friends on land. In 2000, the two returned back to Yeongsan-do side by side.

Yeongsan Island's special way of life was Manbo. Everyone was taking seaweed together and sharing it by lot. The villagers joked, "How do you live if you miss it?"

The islanders pointed to a large house in the forest of the village and told them not to go to the crew and wonder.

However, Choi Sung-gwang and Gu Jung-yong headed for the big house pointed by the villagers. It was to take care of Dangsan who served Mr. Choi Seong-gwang said, "I used to touch trees."

Villagers lived in the Yeongsan-dang system, offering sacrifices to the gods guarding the village. Gujeong-yong said, "If you do not want to do it. So I came up."

On the day of the typhoon, Choi Seong-gwang and Gu Jung-yong headed for safe Black Mountain before the sea was blocked. The two said, "When the typhoon, all the small islands come to the port of Heuksan Road. This is an annual event. You have to wait on the ship."

On the other hand, the island's grandmothers went out to seashore rocks to catch mussels from early morning. The mussels, which were so hard, went into a common freezer after finishing their trim. Youngsan's mussels became famous for their thick and good eggs, and they began to pay their price.

Choi Seong-gwang said, "It's only 28 days, but now it's more expensive than when it's been open all year long." "So I'm a fool in the surrounding islands. I'll get rich all year long, but I'm not doing that."

There was another reason why Youngsan Island was called the Fool's Island. Even if you take tourists, anglers will sit down. "The fishermen go out on the rock, eat food, throw away the trash, and if it's cold, it's fire. Then the rock is dead."

Choi Sung-gwang, chairman of Yeongsan-do, said, "If you preserve Yeongsan-do, you will become uninhabited because there are no people. "If you live, you will have an answer."

(SBS funE Cho Yeon-hee)

Source: sbskr

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