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Apps of the week: Journey and Google Maps


Follow a route with augmented reality in Google Maps and go on an emotional journey through a desert with Journey.

Follow a route with augmented reality in Google Maps and go on an emotional journey through a desert with Journey .

Google Maps

The well-known map app Google Maps has a special new feature that uses augmented reality. This allows you to use the telephone camera to view the environment, over which a virtual layer is then placed.

In this way you can follow a route on foot in Google Maps. By holding the phone up, you can see directions above streets. For example, there appear to be arrows in the air that indicate exactly where you must turn to reach your destination.

The feature is available for Android devices with ARCore and for iPhones that use ARKit. Live View can be used when the route description has been started. The option is being rolled out at the moment, so not everyone can use it.

Download Google Maps for iOS or Android (free)


The game Journey has been released on iOS. The game originally appeared on PlayStation 3 and is considered to be one of the best experiences on that game console.

In Journey you play a nomad that floats through ruins and over sandy plains. The final goal is to climb a high mountain. Along the way you can explore ruins and you may encounter other figures. Players who meet each other only interact by calling to each other.

The game takes about three to four hours and still makes a big impression on iOS, too, due to the soothing music and the beautifully designed game world.

Download Journey on iOS (5.49 euros)


View the Journey for iOS trailer


ActionDash gives Android users insight into their phone usage. You can use it to see how much time you spend on Twitter or WhatsApp, for example, and it is possible to set limits. If you find that you spend too much time on a certain app, you can impose daily restrictions.

Once the limit has been reached, the app in question can no longer be opened. A graph shows how much time has been spent on the app in recent days.

This makes ActionDash a great alternative to Google's Android function Digital Wellbeing. The option is not standard on every telephone to keep track of usage time. The app is free to use to a certain extent, but costs 6.99 euros to unlock all functions.

Download ActionDash for Android (free)

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy was originally released on the PC in 2013, and also appeared on well-known gaming computers. Since this week, the game is also playable on iOS.

In the game you try to walk through a castle. Basically it is an action platformer. You avoid obstacles and jump through the levels, defeating enemies and level bosses.

Every time you die, you continue to play as one of the children of the hero. Each time the main character has a different characteristic. For example, the game can suddenly go a lot faster because the player has ADHD and main characters with dyslexia can more difficult to decipher texts in the picture.

The castle also changes every time a game starts again. This ensures that every turn remains fresh. Only the progress in the game remains when a main character dies. This way you can collect gold to become stronger and obtain better equipment. That way you always get a little further.

Download Rogue Legacy for iOS (1.09 euros)


Check the Rogue Legacy trailer

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