Chairman Yoon Dong-han of Korea Kolmar is getting a lot of public opinion in the video about criticizing the current government's response to Japan. I apologize late, but the boycott is growing.

I'm Bae Joon-woo.


This is an article posted on an anonymous bulletin board recently.

"The Kolmar employee monthly inquiry forced hundreds of people to watch videos with political colors."

The YouTube video in question starts with criticism of the current government's response to Japan.

[Youtube: The meaning of whitelisting is not important right now. Why is Korea and Japan like this and what is the situation now? .]

In the 12-minute video, Chairman Yoon Dong-han selected himself for 4 to 5 minutes, including the primary criticism against the president.

[Korea Kolmar employee: I said in advance that I'm going to be playing this video. Why did you choose this video? We didn't hear directly from you.]

As criticism spread, the company apologized.

However, he explained that the purpose of the video was "to overcome with a proper sense of history rather than emotional response."

[Kolmar Korea Employees: The Chairman acknowledged that the employees could not pay attention to this uncomfortable part. .]

It was unclear whether the company was unclear or apologized, and the controversy increased, and the company's homepage was not accessible all day.

The online community has been spreading articles about boycotting Korean Kolmar products.

In the stock market, Korea Kolmar plunged 4.88% and holding company Kolmar Holdings plunged 8.56%.