The candlelight, which condemns Shinzo Abe's regime, which has continued economic retaliation measures following the export restrictions to South Korea, excluding the white country (white list), is lit on the 10th.

Abe Kyutan Citizens' Action, organized by more than 700 organizations including the Democratic Trade Union, Justice Memory Regiment, Korea YMCA, and Korea Progressive Regiment, will open the 4th Candle Festival at the 7th afternoon of the former Japanese Embassy in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Civil action will emphasize that Japan's economic retaliation measures triggered by the Supreme Court's ruling on compulsory recruitment are both "rejection of reflection on the history of aggression" and "unfair retaliation measures."

Citizens' actions also call for the retraction of a series of measures, pointing out that Japan's actions are not only distorting history and invading the economy, but also threatening the peace of the entire Northeast Asia, including the Korean Peninsula.

At the same time, it is urged the Moon Jae-in government to destroy the Korea-Japan Military Information Protection Agreement (GSOMIA / Jisomia) and confirm the destruction of the Korea-Japan comfort women agreement by returning 1 billion yen.

At the preliminary event starting at 6 pm on this day, there will also be a 'citizen's speech' where participants can 'speak' to Japan.

Citizens' actions will be completed after the gathering. It plans to open a large banner with pro-Japanese red flag, and march to Chosun Ilbo via Anguk Station and Jongno.

Citizens and Actionrs expected 3,000 people to attend the festival, but the number of participants is expected to increase as the anti-Abe movement is growing not only in Korea but also in Japan.

Citizens' actions encouraged participation in the festival by denouncing Abe and rejecting the red-powered forces who sympathize with Abe, and launching civil actions to establish a new Korea-Japan relationship based on Japan's true apology and reflection.

Adolescents also take action to condemn the Abe regime, which is causing the "economic war."

The corporation's hope for the 21st century youth community will read the declaration in front of the Embassy in Seoul at 4:00 pm on the day and deliver it to the embassy.

Students plan to march around Gwanghwamun, wearing the uniforms of the Gwangju Student Anti-Japanese Movement and their current uniforms and shouting slogans such as 'withdraw economic retaliation' and 'apologies to victims of compulsory punishment and comfort women.'

(Yonhap News, Photo = Yonhap News)