Chattapp Discord comes with a stream function, the company informed Friday that Polygon . The new feature is called Go Live and will be available to all Discord users on August 15.

Gamers already share their gaming sessions via other stream platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch. Thousands of gamers watch other popular games play through these stream sites.

The stream function of Discord works in a similar way, but is not intended to reach a large audience. The stream can only be viewed by friends. In addition, up to ten people can watch at the same time.

The idea behind the new stream function is that users can experience a play session together, as if they are sitting together in the living room. Only the game can be shared during the stream. Other programs are not recognized by Discord.

Discord is a popular chat app among gamers. In private groups, they can chat and call with each other, for example to communicate better while playing an online game. Users can also talk to each other during the streaming sessions.