The owner of the extreme right-wing forum 8chan has been asked to testify before the US Congress. That is stated in a letter that the congress has published.

In the letter, 8chan founder Jim Watkins is asked to testify about the link between the forum and multiple shootings in the United States. Manifests of various shooters were published on the site.

"BREAKING": Homeland Security Chairman Thompson & Ranking Member Rogers sent a letter to 8chan owner Jim Watkins demanding he came before Congress and answer questions on the site's extremist @infinitechan

Avatar AuthorHomelandDemsMoment of places21: 03 - August 6, 2019

The question is whether Watkins will also appear before the congress. The published letter shows that nobody knows exactly how to reach the website manager. His e-mail address is unknown. He has also been living in the Philippines since 2014.

8chan is a forum where everything can be posted, no matter how offensive it might be. Only content that violates US law, such as child pornography and copyright infringement, is prohibited on 8chan.

Extreme right-wing conspiracy theories

The extreme right-wing ideologies and multiple conspiracy theories are often shared on the site. The shooter who shot twenty people in Texas this weekend probably put his manifesto on the forum shortly before. The perpetrator behind a shooting in Christchurch in New Zealand did the same.

8chan was founded in 2013 by Fredrick Brennan, who later sold the site to American war veteran Jim Watkins. The new owner also manages an audio book store, among other things.

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