Facebook has sued two companies behind fraudulent Android apps. These apps infected users' smartphones with malware, which attempted to collect advertising revenue via Facebook.

It concerns the companies LionMobi from Hong Kong and JediMobi from Singapore, Facebook writes on his blog. The name of the fraudulent apps that these companies have released was not disclosed by Facebook.

Due to the malware of the apps, advertisements from Facebook's advertising network were continuously clicked automatically. The app makers were then automatically paid out because the advertisement was activated.

The apps presented themselves as simple software, for example to clean up the memory of your phone or to extend the battery life. The malware also presented itself as a virus scanner and notebook.

The malware was offered in the Google Play Store. Some of the applications can still be found in the app store.

Facebook has suspended both app makers from its advertising platform and has reimbursed the affected advertisers in the network.

It is the first time that the company has been following such malware apps in a lawsuit. It is possible that the company hopes to deter other developers.