Another thing that stands out is that the size of public institutions purchasing products related to Japanese war criminals is increasing year by year. That's what they all buy as a national tax, but at this point we need to move on.

I continue to be a journalist.


Purchases of war crimes corporations by public institutions have been pointed out many times in the National Assembly.

[Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs] [Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs] [Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs]

[Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)]: (We will review some of the products in Korea.)

I'll review it and take care of it.

However, rather than reducing the size of purchases of war criminals by public organizations, we have seen an increase over the past decade.

Public agencies say it is difficult to rule out purchasing these products.

For political reasons, preventing private operators from bidding is a violation of the GPA, the Procurement Agreement.

[Those who are responsible for the delivery of war crimes related companies: (I did not consider the war criminal related enterprise at the time of the procurement contract.) We are allowed to limit the purchase (purchase) And most of the state institutions are the ones that have to keep the WTO Information Procurement Agreement.]

Some of the war criminals are actually Korean companies or simply invested in some places, so it is not easy to find out whether they are war criminals.

Even considering the facts of public institutions, there is a growing voice in the problem of continuing to increase the number of war crimes corporations.

[Kim Jung-woo / Democratic Party Member: I am telling you that the government, which is operated by the people's tax, is purchasing products from Japanese war criminal corporations, so that the administration is being carried out contrary to our national feelings.]

As the boycotting movement in Japan has intensified, the local governments and the parliaments have begun enacting ordinances that prevent the purchase of war-related enterprise products.

(Image Editing: Seong Won Ha, VJ: Jung Young Sam)

▶ It spent '94.1 trillion 'in government, local governments and war criminal enterprises for 10 years.