A smartphone from Huawei with its own operating system must be in stores this fall for around 2,000 yuan, converted around 260 euros. The Chinese state newspaper Global Times reports this based on sources.

The device must run on HongMeng OS, an alternative to the Android operating system that is now installed on Huawei phones.

The US imposed sanctions earlier this year, as a result of which Google may no longer offer its license for Android to Huawei. HongMeng OS has to deal with this blow.

HongMeng OS has been under development within Huawei for some time, but was primarily intended for internet of things equipment. The software would be expanded to eventually replace Android.

Huawei said earlier to work on its own Android alternative that this fall should come true. However, it was still unclear how the software will be made available.

"We prefer to use Android"

During the presentation of quarterly results last week, Huawei CEO Liang Hua said the company would prefer to continue using Android as the operating system.

Huawei is under scrutiny in many countries due to suspected espionage. Intelligence services are afraid that the Chinese government is cooperating with the tech giant to intercept telecom mast devices. To date, no concrete evidence has been presented for this.

In the Netherlands, the AIVD would investigate whether espionage took place via a telecom network.