You know your iPhone well, really good. They know how to use apps, edit photos and make phone calls. What else your iPhone has on it, we show you in this video.

12 Hacks - What your iPhone really can

You have seen the video and have forgotten tip number nine? No problem. Here are the hacks again.

1. How to read WhatsApp messages without showing the person that you have read them.

2. How to mute notifications from the lock screen so apps do not annoy you with notifications.

3. How to scan QR codes directly with the camera app on the iPhone.

4. How to quickly set an egg timer without opening the egg timer app.

5. How to put a comma and other special characters faster.

6. How to use the spacebar to move the cursor in texts on the screen.

7. How you never mistype your IBAN again (also works with mobile phone number, credit card number or your own address).

8. How to close all tabs in Safari at once.

9. How to accidentally reopen closed tabs in Safari.

10. How to search any web page in Safari for specific words.

11. How to zoom in cardapps with just one finger.

12. How to save time by entering an address by typing the house number first.