It happened at the McDonald's store in Korea. The hamburger with almost chicken meat patties is sold as it is.

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It is a hamburger that Mr. A who lives in Suwon-si of Gyeonggi-do received delivery order on the last 13th.

Mr. A felt about two pounds of burger and after the door he felt the texture of Patty was strange, and immediately I saw the inside of it and it contained almost raw raw meat with reddish light.

A fried food on the outside looked like a normal product, but the two days ago, McDonald 's "hamburger bottle" controversy came to mind A, anxious to find the emergency room, "the test is a light gastrointestinal condition is not so big I can feel the dullness and stamina. "

McDonald's said, "We have confirmed that the product was mistakenly cooked by our staff. We apologized to Mr. A and refunded it.

"It is the freshness of the crises on the outside ... It is a new product burger burger?" "The companies that manage the food poorly are sorry. And so on.