Facebook is going to tell users which companies or organizations have uploaded a user's email address or telephone number to reach that person through advertisements. The information will be visible on the Facebook page with advertising preferences, writes the social medium on his blog on Thursday.

Companies can upload e-mail addresses or telephone numbers collected via the advertiser options on Facebook. That way, advertisements can reach the people behind the data, or target ads to a group of Facebook users that is very similar to the people behind the data.

The page with advertising preferences for Facebook users is expanded with a tab where you can see which companies and organizations have used this option.

In the tab, Facebook reports which organizations have run a Facebook advertising campaign in the last seven days, uploading the user's email address or telephone number.

In addition, the tab shows which companies have uploaded the user's email address or telephone number to Facebook. Advertisers who have used this information in the last ninety days will also be shown there.

Users can adjust their advertising preferences by navigating to the 'Ads' section via 'Settings'.

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More insight into advertisements

From Thursday, Facebook will also give users of the social medium more insight into the reason that an advertisement is shown to a user.

From now on, users can also see whether an advertisement has appeared in the news overview based on specific interests or categories. The extra information is visible via the button 'Why do I get to be this advertisement?' that can be found with sponsored Facebook messages.

Facebook also says it is more transparent about how the company got that information, for example because the user has visited a certain website or likes a certain Facebook page.

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