They hack Lidl's kitchen robot: they discover that he has a hidden microphone and a loudspeaker

It promised to rival the mythical Thermomix, but Lidl's robot, Monsieur Cuisine Connect (359 euros), begins to show its weaknesses only a few weeks after the

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It promised to rival the legendary Thermomix, but Lidl's robot, Monsieur Cuisine Connect (359 euros), begins to show its weaknesses just a few weeks after the German supermarket chain put it on sale.

Designed in Germany and produced in China, it has a seven-inch touch screen that can be connected via wifi to download recipes for free. And like any device connected to the network, it is susceptible to being hacked.

That is precisely what two techies have done, who have disemboweled the robot and discovered important security and privacy issues. The device has a small microphone and a speaker and, in addition, is equipped with Android 6.0, a version that is not updated since October 2017.

In a video posted on YouTube, the two French fans play Doom, a famous videogame with several players.

The supermarket chain defended itself arguing that they had foreseen that "the device could be controlled by voice and eventually by Alexa, we left the micro , but it is totally inactive and it is impossible to activate it remotely," explains Michel Biero, executive director of marketing of Lidl in France.

The device, of the SilverCrest brand, the signature to which the appliances sold by Lidl belong, with advanced functions and features comparable to other kitchen robots on the market that cost more than 1,000 euros. Without going any further, the latest Thermomix has a price of 1,200 euros.

Monsieur Cuisine Connect has 10 functionalities: bake, steamed, beat and knead, emulsify, mix, pike, sauté, weigh and shred. It also has a scale integrated into the container that helps weigh the ingredients. It reaches a maximum power of 1200W-1000W and 800W for the blender with 10 speed options. Includes a steamer and a cooking basket.

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