In Germany there is still no public 5G network. As well as? After all, the Federal Network Agency in Mainz has been auctioning off the mobile radio frequencies necessary for the new 5G networks since March. And that is not over yet after 346 Bieterrunden and so far nearly six billion euro high bids of the future 5G network operators.

Nevertheless, mobile phone manufacturer Samsung announced on Wednesday that it plans to launch its 5G smartphone Galaxy S10 5G in Germany as of June. As a provider of the new mobile phone, the company calls in a press release Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. For the price Samsung makes so far no information.

The Galaxy S10 5G is a multi-purpose version of the Galaxy S10, which has been available in three different versions since March.

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Galaxy S10 in the test: That can the new Samsung smartphones

The most striking feature of the 5G mobile phone is its screen, which is enormously large at 6.7 inches, almost the dimensions of a mini-tablet has. Just like the Galaxy S10 + we tested in March, it has three cameras on the back and one on the front, accompanied by a depth sensor for blur effects. In addition to the features of the S10 +, the Galaxy S10 5G also has its own depth sensor on the back.

In addition, Samsung promises for the 5G model shorter charging times, because it comes with a stronger power adapter than other Samsung smartphones. This is also necessary, because it is equipped with the according to the manufacturer "so far the largest battery of the Samsung Galaxy S series". Whether it provides longer run times or just needed to power the powerful 5G hardware remains to be seen.

But it also remains to be seen exactly when Samsung's 5G smartphone in Germany will be able to operate in a functioning public 5G network. An end to the frequency auction is not yet foreseeable. And even if the frequencies are finally distributed, the future operators must first build 5G networks. Realistically, it is not expected until 2020 that 5G will go into regular operation in Germany.