Ahn Hee-jeong is a judge ... First judgment on 'gender sensitivity'

The Supreme Court justice Gwon Soon-il, who is accused of sexually abusing his office using his position, is accused of being sentenced to two sentences and sentenced to a hearing by the former Chungnam governor, Ahn Hee-jung.

The Supreme Court of Justice, famous for its so-called "sensitivity to gender sensitivity," is charged with the trial of Ahn Hee-jung, former Chungnam governor, who was indicted on charges of raping an officer using his position and sentenced to prison.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday announced that it has distributed the Supreme Court's appeal to the Supreme Court on charges of committing adultery, duties, and forcible misdemeanor charges.

Kwon ruled in April of last year that the courts dealing with gender-related lawsuits have made a so-called "gender-sensitive" ruling that they should not be sensitive to the issue of gender equality.

In this regard, the judiciary accepted the judgment as a precedent.

Kwon decided to repeat the trial, saying that the second judgment, which asked for the cancellation of the dismissal of the university professor, was "a lack of gender sensitivity" because of the sexual harassment of the student in this ruling.

In particular, the judges suggested that the specificity of sex offenses, especially the victims 'position and position, should be taken into account when judging whether the victims' statements are reliable.

The fact that the victims were reluctant to make a statement of the facts of victimization because of the 'second harm', or the statement of the facts of the victims and males in the social culture centered on males could easily be misunderstood.

There are many prospects that this judgment of Kwon will be disadvantageous to the security branch.

It is because the victim's statements can be heavily protected if the hearing is conducted according to the criteria set by the Supreme Court judge at the case where the victim, Mr. Kim Ji-eun, can acknowledge the credibility.

It is highly probable that credibility will be recognized according to the judging criteria provided by Kwon's lawyer who stated that Kim seems to have difficulty in speaking or expressing feelings before he or she did not directly experience the court proceedings.

It is also likely that Mr. Kim's statement to the extent that he believes he is somewhat disadvantageous will help him to judge credibility.

There is also the observation that the fact that the Supreme Court has alleged that the court has convicted the victim only by reason of the appeal is likely to be disadvantageous to the security branch.

The Security Branch states that from the first sentence, "the victim's statements are subject to a number of objective contexts and data, which are inconsistent in the major parts of each case, are unreasonable, are placed with the victim's statements, and face to face with the statements of other witnesses I do not have a high degree of ability to deploy it. "

However, if such an assertion is interpreted as an attempt to distort the victim's statement in accordance with the criterion that "the statement of the victim in the male-centered culture can easily be misunderstood," it would be a disadvantage to the security officer This is an analysis.

He was indicted 10 times from July 2017 to February last year for allegedly using Kim for business or for committing adultery.

"I do not have enough evidence to show that Kim's power is exercised by the governor," Kim said.

However, Kim Jong-il was sentenced to imprisonment for three years and six months, saying, "Kim's credibility was acknowledged, and the social position and power of the security branch itself was enough for Kim's secretary, Kim.

(Photo: Yonhap News)

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