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From now on, I will concentrate on the allegations of police involvement with entertainers. The police, who was investigating the case of Chung Joon-young in 2016, tried to eliminate Jung's cell phone repair materials, which is the most important evidence of the case. We told him yesterday that he had done this by himself.


From now on, I will concentrate on the allegations of police involvement with entertainers. We were told yesterday (13th) that the police who was investigating the case of Chung Jun-young in 2016 tried to eliminate the most important evidence of Jung's cell phone repair data. However, I doubt whether the police would have done it alone I will. So, to our end, the Panda team did the coverage, and not only the police but also the lawyer of Chung Joon-young revealed the circumstances that played a lot of roles at that time to hide the evidence.

It is the sole report of Kim Ji-sung reporter.


Singer Jung Joon-young was notified of the summons after being accused of illegal shooting for a woman he knew in August 2016.

Two days before the police attendance, Chung left his cell phone to a private forensic company.

For this reason, Chung did not submit his cell phone during the police investigation.

[Police officer in charge of Chung Jun Young's case in 2016: Whether it is advantageous or disadvantageous, first checking for defendant defense, we tried to seize it at that time, but we could not confiscate it. For the defendant's defense, I first check to see if there is a video, so I left it.

Even though it's urgent to get a cell phone in an illegal shooting investigation, it's time to cover up the evidence.

After completing the police recall investigation, Jung said the complainant did not need to proceed further because he dropped the charges.

I even asked for a certificate to be made as if forensics were impossible.

In addition to the police, I asked for confirmation of non-restoration.

[Police officer in charge of Chung Jun-yeong case in 2016: The machine is old and old, so I can not restore the data.

However, the company does not have forensics, and the staff member is on holiday, so ask them to wait two or three days.

[Forensic side: The person in charge went on vacation, the person in charge. It will come on Thursday.]

When the forensic company did not write the confirmation, Jung's lawyer submitted a written statement to the police.

As a result of the SBS coverage, the attorney 's opinion written by the police stated that "I received a reply from the company that it is impossible to restore the mobile phone, and that the mobile phone is lost or lost so it can not be submitted.

However, the company repeatedly confirmed that it had never replied that it was impossible to restore it.

[Jung, Jung-hyun / Reporter: I did not respond to the request to destroy the evidence and did not issue any kind of confirmation to it, but it is a very serious problem that the documents have been ascertained as confirmed.]

Jung's attorney's statement is falsely decorated.

The police sent the case to prosecution and attached a statement of attorney Jung Jun-young.

Eventually, the incident ended without charge, without any forensic results.

At that time, the lawyer was reportedly accompanied by a police recall investigation by Chung Jun-young today.

[Huh Yoon / Korean Attorney Association spokesperson: If this attorney actually submitted the forgery of the confirmation itself, this may also constitute a crime of forgery and an offense. You can discipline under the law ... .]

To the end, the Panda team contacted Chung several times to hear the counter-argument, but could not reach them.

(Video coverage: Chang, Hyun Cho, video editing: Jong Woo Kim, VJ: Kim Junho)

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Let's talk a little more with this part of the panda team Kim Jong-won.

Q. Please write down the confirmation that mobile phone repair is difficult, as many people have been shocked by the announcement that this was a police announcement yesterday, but when you just reported it to Kim Ji-sung, does the situation of the lawyer Jung Joon-young actively intervene?

[Kim Jong-won] Reporter: As a lawyer, it is natural to want to protect your client, as you can see, there is a possibility of illegal, although I have never said that the recovery company can not recover it clearly. I had a different opinion from the fact that I was informed that I had been told to do so. In the case of a police officer, I did not simply check this opinion. Instead, I tried to write it on the company's side, but I failed to do it. It was the first problem that even letting the private company let itself do this without letting it go to the national police.

Q. I think the lawyer's behavior is how to manipulate the document, how to clarify that part of it. I told you before, but the police did it alone, did not it coincide with Chung Joon-young? There are suspicions. Why did the police do that?

[Reporter Kim Jong-won: Actually, we can not know exactly why we did not know the inside story yet. But one thing is obviously something of a prize. I am explaining that I did not intend to destroy the evidence, but it is a fact that it is difficult to understand why it was simply because of the convenience of the expropriation or because there was no problem. And now that there is a part to the end, it can not be restored, so this part should be revealed through some investigation.]

Q. Are police officers in charge of the case under investigation now?

[Kim Jong-won] Reporter: Today, the police chief Min-kyung-ryong came to the meeting today and asked how he answered the question. The police officers who were investigating at that time are still making excuses. In fact, Seongdong police station in Seoul said that even in the interview with a press, it was not true but it was a false explanation.

Q. The most important thing is the data of the mobile phone, which is the part of the cell phone, which is the part, but the police are not yet searching the cell phone?

[Reporter Kim Jong Won: Yes. Even though the situation got worse, the police did not investigate anything until Jung Jun-young was present at the police today. It is pointed out that these criminal facts may be sufficient and that the cell phone is now necessary to confirm suspicions about the mistakes that have been made at the time, so it should be confiscated when returning home. It is true that there is a suspicion that if you format and erase it, it is very difficult to recover the data from your mobile phone or notebook computer, so you can get the proper proof right now.]

ref: sbskr

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