Denmark vs. France 7 'Henrik Bahlmann Goal! Denmark Magnus Landin Jacobsen Denmark vs. Denmark France 6 'Malte Müller-Michaelis Goal! France Kentin Mahé Denmark vs. France France 6 'Malte Müller-Michaelis 7 yards France Denmark vs. France 6 'Malte Müller-Michaelis 2 Minutes Denmark Anders Zachariassen First advantage for the French. Zachariassen has packed a bit too tight. Denmark vs. France 5 'Henrik Bahlmann Goal! Denmark Rasmus Lauge Schmidt The first goal of Rasmus Lauge, the star of the SG Flensburg-Handewitt. Per Kempa he is sent into the circle - France's Gerard is without chance. Denmark vs. France 5 'Malte Müller-Michaelis Goal! France Dika Mem In his first attempt, Mem had still failed, now he blasts in from the back room a purely. Denmark vs. France 4 'Henrik Bahlmann Goal! Denmark Anders Zachariassen Zachariassen. What a name. And also very good at the end. Denmark vs. France 4 'Malte Müller-Michaelis Goal! France Kentin Mahé The French play it fast. Kentin Mahé overcomes Landin. A pity, I thought, he plays today to zero. Denmark vs. France 3 'Henrik Bahlmann Goal! Denmark Lasse Svan Hansen After Landin's parade, the second wave leads the way. Denmark vs. France 3 'Malte Müller-Michaelis Parry Denmark Magnus Landin Jacobsen At the beginning, did colleague Bahlmann really praise Magnus Landin? In the end, he knows what he's talking about. That would shock me. Second litter, second parade. Denmark vs. France 3 'Henrik Bahlmann Goal! Denmark Mikkel Hansen The second attempt is in there. Naturally. Denmark vs. France 3 'Henrik Bahlmann Mikkel Hansen's first litter lands in the French block. I'm inclined to post an Instagram picture again. Denmark vs. France 2 'Henrik Bahlmann If you've ever seen a handball game, you might know the scene of how the serving team throws the ball to the opposing players so they can get a glimpse of the ball as well. You could not do that with Malte and me. Tempo counterattack. Denmark vs. France 1 'Malte Müller-Michaelis Parry Denmark Niklas Landin Jacobsen The Danish cover looks quite good at the beginning. Mem has to take a litter that Landin blocks with his hip. Denmark vs. France 1 'Malte Müller-Michaelis Livecast started! The ball is released. Here we go! Have fun! Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:30 PM Henrik Bahlmann The countdown is on. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:30 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:30 pm Henrik Bahlmann Original soundtrack to the French anthem: "Maschoooooon, Maaaaschooon." Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:28 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis For the French respond as usual martial with the "Marseillaise" that they want to soak the furrows with the blood of their opponents. And when I look at the faces, I actually take that away from them. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:28 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis The Danes sing "The he et nds land det står med brede bøge". In German: "There is a lovely country in the shade of broad beeches". Let me put it this way: If the bloodthirstiness of the anthem decides on the finals, the French win today with 70 goals advantage. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:28 PM Henrik Bahlmann Speaking of the management, Malte. Colleague Rilke puts everything on Denmark. "Not a single goal" I think then but for something überambitioniert. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:27 PM Henrik Bahlmann Let's take another look at the Instagram profile of Mikkel Hansen before the kick-off. As. Cool. Is. This. Type? Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:26 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis To quote our head of department: Where is the ticket machine for the final again, dear collegues of the sports show? Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:26 PM Henrik Bahlmann It's good, you do not have to get up at the French anthem and sing along. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:25 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis Added: If a nation knows what to do at World Championships, then it's the French. The "Grande Nation" lives up to its name again and again and has won four of the past five world titles - and there is not even counting in football! Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:23 PM Henrik Bahlmann Of course you are right, Malte. The Danes were really challenged in this tournament except for the games against Norway and maybe Sweden not yet. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:21 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis Let's try a bit more analytical for a change. What speaks for the Danes? Well, they've been plowing through the tournament like a well-oiled monster truck over a pre-mown lawn. Eight games, eight wins - that sounds enormously impressive. BUT honestly, one has to say that the Danes did not have opponents of the caliber France. On the other hand, the French have not come out over a draw against Germany and have lost to Croatia. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:14 PM Henrik Bahlmann I do not like to contradict you - especially because you brought me a Coke - but I'm just ahead of the Danes. But with money bets, we've had rather bad experiences in this live ticker. #Bommesgate Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:13 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis #TeamHansen. Alone for the slippers. But I'm afraid that will not help him much on the record. Like former Federal Schnäuzer Heiner Brand I assume that the French win the game and the Danes will ruin the planned final party in Herning. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:12 PM Henrik Bahlmann What are you saying, Malte? Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:11 PM Henrik Bahlmann Clear point victory for the Danes, if you ask me. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:11 PM Henrik Bahlmann ... Hansen on a couch that is too small. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:11 PM Henrik Bahlmann Karabatic relaxes in his spare time on a couch that's too big ... Denmark vs. Denmark France 1/25/19 4:10 PM Henrik Bahlmann Hansen vs. Karabatic. Two of the biggest names in world handball. But who of the two wins the Instagram check? Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:08 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis Two of the reasons why this first game is more athletic than the late game between Germany and Norway can be seen here. Mikkel Hansen (left) meets Nikola Karabatic (right). For all non-handball fans: It's a bit like Ronaldo vs. Messi, Federer vs. Nadal, Balboa vs. Drago or Boll vs. Helms - two of the best in their sport, who have already gotten a bit older, in a direct duel. Hansen was world handball player in 2011 and 2015, Karabatic secured the title in 2007, 2014 and 2016. dpa Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:06 PM Henrik Bahlmann You do not believe the colleague that Denmark and France are clear title favorites? Then you have to be told that "our" EM, World Cup and anyway everywhere hero Andreas Wolff is only the number two in his club. Behind, exactly, Niklas Landin, Denmark's goalkeeper. If you ask me, primetime is 5:30 pm today. Incidentally, the game will be transferred to Eurosport if you want to read us as a second screen. If not, just turn off the TV. Reuters Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 4:01 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis And while I'm about to make myself unpopular: The colleagues at the public service broadcasters do not even broadcast the first semifinal. And why not? That answers the ARD with the show, which runs instead: "Who knows because something?" My assumption: Because they assume that in the first game only "our" (sic!) "Victim" (sic! Sic! Sic!) Is determined for the final. Or because they were too stingy to buy the rights to really good handball. Because if you are honest, the match between Olympic champion Denmark and World Champion France is something like the anticipated finale. But do not let our good friend Alexander Bommes hear that. (Greetings!) Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 3:59 PM Henrik Bahlmann Handball hornier than God. If this evening does not connect to Twitter. Denmark vs. France 1/25/19 3:54 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis Even at the risk that we in the motherland of handball hypes are considered spoilsports: Do not you think it's weird that until the first knockout game at the World Cup took more than two weeks? And that then both semifinals take place in one day? No matter, today it applies - but really. That's why we send our best runner to the plate: Henrik Bahlmann is looking forward to the duel between Denmark and France. My name is Malte Müller-Michaelis, and I'm looking forward to it. Hello and welcome to the long why-handball-horny-is-as-God-evening at SPIEGEL ONLINE. Or something like that. No offense, God. Show more Ticker Liveblog Software