The German national handball team has lost their semi-final match against Norway 25:30 and thus missed the finals in Denmark Herning against World Cup co-host Denmark. Uwe Gensheimer scored 7 goals as the most accurate German player. Germany meets on Sunday (14.30 clock, live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE) in the match for third place on France, Denmark lost earlier in the evening.

Time penalties determined the first half in Hamburg - on both sides. In total, the referees distributed eight two-minute penalties in the first 30 minutes. That was at the expense of the flow of the game. After a balanced start goalkeeper Wolff prevented several times that the game tilted towards Norway. His front men could not keep up, were particularly difficult in positional attacks.

From the 24th minute onwards, Norway started the pace, starting from a 10: 9 lead by star player Sander Sagosen. It was owed to the Heinevetter, who came into the game for Wolff, that the gap to the break was only 12:14 and was not clearer for the German team.


Silvio Heinevetter (l.) With Andreas Wolff

Right at the beginning of the second half the team of Christian Prokop was awake. Uwe Gensheimer conquered the ball after a Norwegian throw and put Fabian Wiede the connecting goal. After less than two minutes played, the next two-minute penalty followed this game. Germany had to continue the catch-up with the reference to Jannik Kohlbacher. Norway took advantage of that to throw another three-goal lead.

It took a long time for Germany to get back to it. After a goal by Kohlbacher and a post from the Norwegians Fabian Böhm could have scored the first goal. However, he failed and Hendrik Pekeler saw the red card while trying to stop the Norwegian counterattack.

A parade of Heinevetter at 22:25 gave the German team courage, but after a break met in the 53rd minute directly back to Norway. Germany resisted, but could no longer catch the Norwegian lead. Norway pulls by the success in the Scandinavian final against Denmark on Sunday (17.30 clock, live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE).