Formula 1 press comments: "The feud between Vettel and Leclerc threatens to destabilize Ferrari's season"

"It can not go on like this": The international newspapers write about the "feud" between the Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. Profiteer and "King number 1000" is Lewis Hamilton.


Gazzetta dello Sport: "The hero is always Lewis Hamilton - basically, there could not have been a better winner for the 1000th Formula One race - the Brit is the symbol of this era - a global rock star that easily defeats Ferrari."

Corriere dello Sport: "Mercedes on high-fly The Silver Arrows celebrate the most successful World Cup start in history with three double victories in three races, Ferrari not only has little speed, but must also deal with the negative aspects of the rivalry of its pilots."

Tuttosport: "Alarm bells at Ferrari! Vettel is satisfied with his third place at the end of the GP in China, but his performance is well below Maranello's expectations.Having to give him the lead, Lecillerc saves Vettel a humiliation do not go on. "

Corriere della Sera: "How long will Ferrari still be able to defend captain Vettel?"

La Repubblica: "Hamilton, the king number 1000. Mercedes writes history, Hamilton and Bottas dominate Formula 1. Vettel's third place can not satisfy a four-time world champion, Leclerc is becoming more and more a leader, even if he is sacrificed on behalf of the team. "

La Stampa: "Once again a big blow for Ferrari in China, the way to the world title is getting steeper and steeper for Maranello, but is not yet completely blocked."


The Telegraph: "Vettel painstakingly defends his status as Ferrari's number 1 driver, while Hamilton brings home a loose win, and the feud between Vettel and Leclerc threatens to seriously destabilize Ferrari's season."

Daily Mail: "The thunderous rumble at Ferrari continued even as night fell over Shanghai and it will probably be heard throughout the season as we witness the rise and tragedy of Charles Leclerc."

The Sun: "Hamilton's 75th win in the 1000th Formula One race is almost at his feet, and Ferrari stumbles over himself again, making it so incredibly easy for Mercedes to finish in first and second place." Ferrari has to be careful otherwise The feud between Vettel and Leclerc completely ruined their season. "


Marca: "Hamilton wins and becomes World Cup leader, Ferrari builds crap again."

As: "Hamilton gets a loose win and Ferrari looks bad again, Maranello tells Leclerc to let Vettel overtake him, it's a melodrama for Ferrari, they create their own problems and ruin Leclerc's race."

Sport: "Third double victory in a row for Mercedes, Ferrari makes his own life difficult after the very polemical instructions to Vettel and Leclerc Ferrari is experiencing a driver's crisis, which will be difficult to manage."

El Mundo Deportivo: "Hamilton is having a party in China while Ferrari is burning hard again, and the Brit gets his way and controls everything from start to finish."


L'Équipe: "This 16th Grand Prix of China undoubtedly marks the beginning of a worrying time for Ferrari, and it is clear and undeniable that Charles Leclerc no longer wants to stay in the shadows." The race was a single declaration of independence for a mere 21 year-old Bengels, who loudly expresses his will. "


Neue Zürcher Zeitung: "Leclerc or Vettel? The question is becoming more and more pressing after the Formula 1 GP in China, with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel still in favor of the Italian team, but the young Charles Leclerc makes no secret of the fact that he prefers the team order earlier than would like to change later. "


Kronen Zeitung: "Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas made a double victory for Mercedes at the Chinese Grand Prix on Sunday, when Ferrari once again made a name for themselves with stable management instead of speed."

ref: spiegel