Biathlon World Cup in Liveticker: Holt Herrmann also in the single

For the first time, the single-mixed relay belongs to the program of the Biathlon World Championships. For Germany at the start: Pursuit World Champion Denise Herrmann and Erik Lesser. Follow the race in the live ticker.

3/14/19 3:53 PM One woman and one man are nominated for each nation, each shooting twice or standing as in the normal relay race. At 1.5 kilometers, the rounds are very short, the penalty is reduced to manageable 75 meters. It depends on fast and safe shooters today. 3/14/19 3:49 PM Hello and welcome to the Biathlon World Championships in Ă–stersund, Sweden. This Thursday we will see a premiere! For the first time it's about World Cup medals in the single-mixed relay. Show more Ticker Liveblog Software

ref: spiegel

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