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Updated Wednesday, April 3, 2024-01:24

  • Football The Civil Guard accuses the Rubiales plot of rigging works worth 1.3 million euros during Rocha's presidency

  • Corruption The Civil Guard maintains that Rubiales diverted 3.8 million from the RFEF to the construction company that paid him commissions

  • RFEF The little Arabia of Rubiales in Punta Cana

The telephone interventions carried out by the judge investigating the 'Rubiales case' reveal that the plot of the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) rigged a contest just a month ago in favor of the construction company Gruconsa when

Pedro Rocha was president.

As revealed by the conversations intercepted by the Civil Guard, the brother of the legal head of the RFEF and director of the construction company,

Ángel González Segura,


Jonathan Oliva Quesada,

deputy director of Gruconsa, around February 7.

. In this conversation he told him that "they had to prepare a construction project for the RFEF", in reference to some renovation works at the Las Rozas Football City and that this had to be approved by the "Economic Commission".

Just a few days later, on February 20, González Segura received a call from federation director

Miguel García Silvero.

The investigators emphasize that in said conversation, the director,

José Javier Jiménez,



, also told him that "they need three budgets to present to the Economic Commission." González Segura replied that he was preparing to look for them through "companies that work for them", something that he finally carried out.

As EL MUNDO revealed, the judge investigating the 'Rubiales case' is investigating the awarding of works worth at least 1.3 million euros to the construction company Gruconsa, accused of paying bribes to the former president of the RFEF, last February 27. These are works related, among other issues, to the adaptation of the urban planning license granted by the Las Rozas City Council to various facilities of the Ciudad del Fútbol complex. Among others, the residence and the kitchens.

Investigators have been able to prove that the award, to which three bids were submitted, was

rigged to favor the construction company Gruconsa.

In this sense, the Civil Guard considers that

at least two of these proposals were fictitious

and that they acted as what in judicial jargon is called 'mariachis'.

According to the instructor, the former president of Spanish football led a plot consisting of granting works to Gruconsa to then collect illegal commissions for them. In the opinion of the Judicial Police, the mechanics consisted of granting contracts to this company, such as

the renovation of the La Cartuja Stadium in Seville

for a million euros, to then divert funds to the companies of the close friend of Rubiales,

Francisco Javier Martín Alcaide


. The next step, according to the investigation, was for Rubiales to collect from his intimate


's companies

, specifically from Conecta 17 Consulting, SL

As EL MUNDO has learned, the RFEF has given orders through its current president Pedro Rocha, after the judicial operation launched a few days ago, to

paralyze any type of contract linked to Gruconsa

and pending payments have been blocked. The contract for the last rigged contract has not been signed nor has any amount been paid.