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May 21, 2023.

Mestalla, Valencia


Vinicius Júnior

suffers racist insults from the stands and from the game.


It's the same as always. They've called me 'monkey' ,"


, referee of the match,

tells Ricardo de Burgos.

The Brazilian, after months of insults,

two complaints in the 2021-2022 season


six in the 2022-2023

season , explodes against the Spanish football sector that does not stop attacking the color of his skin.


Spain is a racist country

," he cries on his social networks, generating a global reaction in his favor.

Nine months later, Vinicius returns to Mestalla this Saturday, a turning point in his

sporting, personal and media career


Against Valencia he suffered his first expulsion in


, he exploded against racists at all levels and became the global image of the fight against racism promoted by the representation agency of the

American rapper Jay-Z,

which was joined by the past summer.

Nothing was the same for him and for Spanish football after the


, even causing the shutdown of the

Cristo del Corcovado


Rio de Janeiro


The nine complaints of racist insults towards the player that accumulated in just a few months in LaLiga and in the courts gave way to the void of this season.

The only embarrassing spots have been the


classic against Barça, where insults to the Brazilian were reported to the


, and the racist chants of a group of fans at the doors of the


before the Madrid derby on January 19.

In the rest of the fields in Spain, the situation has relaxed a bit.

The Brazilian has been injured for a month, but the reception has not been as hostile as in other seasons.

And he has learned to manage it, as he acknowledged during the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia: "I'm not a saint, sometimes I talk too much, I dribble that I shouldn't, I do things that I shouldn't do, but

I'm here to improve, I want to improve."

"he assured.

He will arrive at Mestalla after regaining form.

He has been Madrid's best against


(one goal and two assists) and


and in Valdebebas they see him more liberated than ever despite the noise.

Accusations from Valencia

In Valencia, however, the atmosphere remains extremely hostile and the run-up has been totally different from any other match.

Around Mestalla, they accuse Vinicius

of denouncing the entire crowd on social media

and of lying in his statement, something leaked by the defense lawyer, when the reality, according to the transcript to which EFE had access, is that the Brazilian referred only to the insults of the accused and the hostile environment, but

did not generalize


This decontextualization caused a statement from Valencia accusing the footballer of

"fallacies and unfounded lies"

and a cover of the newspaper


calling Vinicius 'Pinochius'.

The latest has been the refusal of Valencia, which in September launched the anti-racism project 'VCF World', to give access to the field to the

Netflix production company

working on a documentary about the forward.

A decision, they say in the club, "

to protect the club


The platform cameras had entered other fields in Spain without problem, but in Mestalla they will have to settle for recording the surrounding areas.

Hugo Duro, one of the important players in the Valencian squad, has asked for a hostile but "


" environment, although the closeness of the statement before the judge of the three accused of the insults does not lower the revolutions.

On the pitch, a key match for Madrid in its fight for the League.

They lost at Mestalla last season and at Mestalla they must now win to

keep the distance from Girona and Barça

before the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Leipzig.

The noise of the Mestalla preview does not penetrate Valdebebas, accustomed to great duels and intense atmospheres.