Major League Baseball's Padres pitcher Hiroki Matsui played catch for the first time since avoiding pitching in an exhibition game due to inflammation in his lower back muscles.

Padres pitcher Matsui avoided pitching in the exhibition game scheduled for the 25th of last month due to tightness in his lower back, and since then he has been undergoing treatment indoors due to inflammation in his lower back muscles. .

On the 1st, we went to the field in Peoria, Arizona, where a camp was being held, warmed up, and after avoiding pitching, we played catch for the first time.

Pitcher Matsui played catch from a distance of up to 30 meters, carefully checking his movements one by one.

Also, his teammate, pitcher Yu Darvish, threw 38 pitches in the bullpen that day, and had staff stand in the batter's box to mainly check the accuracy of his breaking balls.

Pitcher Darvish is scheduled to pitch either in an exhibition game against the Mariners on the 3rd or in a practice match within the team.