Lars Nootvar of the Major League Baseball Cardinals entered camp in Florida for his fourth year in the major leagues, vowing to make a big leap forward by saying, ``I've changed my swing a little this year, so I want to be able to play in as many games as possible.''

Nootbar, who made a major contribution to Japan's victory at the WBC World Baseball Classic last year, entered the camp of his team, the Cardinals, in Jupiter, Florida on the 19th.

From the first day, Nootbar worked up a sweat through fielding practice and actual batting practice, and even after the general practice was over, he continued to make adjustments energetically by doing some remaining batting practice indoors.

During the offseason, he spent vacations in Japan, where his mother's parents live, and since returning to the United States, he has been doing independent training with his teammate and three-time home run champion Arenado. I think being able to practice was a big plus for me.This year, I want to change my batting swing and play in as many games as possible,'' he said, vowing to make great strides in his fourth year in the major leagues.

Regarding his teammates on the Japanese national team, Dodgers player Shohei Otani and pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, he said, ``I've been in touch with them and asked them how things are going, and I'm glad that they're both doing well.After their first day of camp, I asked Yoshinobu if his teammates were treating him well and how he was adapting, and he said he was doing very well, so I was happy,'' he said with a smile.

The Cardinals are scheduled to play their first four games against the Dodgers in Los Angeles starting on the 28th of next month, and Nootvar will be playing against Ohtani and pitcher Yamamoto right after the opening day.