, Beijing, June 6 -- Messi has arrived in Beijing! On the morning of the 10th Beijing time, the figure of the ball king Messi finally appeared in anticipation.

Dressed in denim casual attire, Messi was the first to step off the private jet with a smile.

Arriving on the same plane as Messi was De Paul, known as his double "bodyguard" on and off the field, as well as well-known stars Di Maria, Enzo and Paredes.

Messi arrives in China. Image source: Argentina China Tour organizer 2023 football champion row Weibo

According to statistics, this is Messi's 7th trip to China.

The most important of the previous six trips to China was the 6 Beijing Olympic football final, when the 2008-year-old Messi helped the Argentine men's team win the Olympic gold medal as a player of the right age.

On this trip to China, Messi, who already holds the Hercules Cup, will lead Argentina against Australia in Beijing, which is also the second meeting between the two sides after the 1/8 final of the World Cup in Qatar.

Data map: Messi kisses the Hercules Cup Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

This time in China, Messi has received a lot of attention, and rumors are also spreading on the Internet. For example, "30,<> people, Messi can come to toast and take photos." ”

The official Weibo of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau "Ping An Beijing" specially refuted the rumor: "If these 300,000 can be deceived, then the police uncle will toast you!" ”

The organizers of Argentina's China Tour also refuted rumors that recently found that some online platforms and individual network users posted content on major Internet platforms: "live broadcast goods", "football star meeting", "can take photos with Messi", "can eat at the same table with participating players", "can take photos with world football stars", "communicate face-to-face with football teams", "shirt signatures", "dinner with football stars" and other content, and charge high fees.

"Please remind everyone that the organizers of this tournament have not arranged for Argentine player Messi and other players from the two teams to participate in any public welfare or commercial activities. None of the information published on the above online platforms is relevant to the organizer. I hope that everyone will carefully screen and beware of being deceived. ”

Messi arrives in China. Image source: Argentina China Tour organizer 2023 football champion row Weibo

Not only domestically, but recently Messi has also been the focus of international attention.

After leaving Ligue 8 giants Paris Saint-Germain, Messi's whereabouts were finally finalized in the early morning of the <>th Beijing time, and he chose to go to the United States and join Miami International.

Messi eventually failed to return to his heartfelt Barca, and did not choose to accept a huge annual salary to join the Saudi league as previously reported.

In a previous interview, Messi said of his choice: "After all the achievements and finally winning the World Cup title that I so much desire, I also want to pursue other things, and peace of mind. ”

At the World Cup in Qatar, Messi celebrated a goal with his teammates. Photo by China News Network reporter Bian Liqun

Fortunately, Messi, who is enjoying football in peace, has embarked on his 7th trip to China.

Chinese fans will be the first to feel Messi's demeanor in the Chinese stadium in the field or in front of the screen. It was also Argentina's first appearance overseas after winning the World Cup. (End)