Quick overview of the Chengdu Universiade Torch Relay Route↓

The flame of this year's Universiade arrived in Beijing at noon on June 6 on the "Universiade" plane. On the same day, the Chengdu Universiade Torch Relay Departure Ceremony was also held at Chengdu Tianfu International Airport. Responsible for the "Universiade" flight was Liu Chuanjian, the "heroic captain of China's civil aviation". Under the escort of 8 Tinder Guards, Dayun Tinder successfully boarded the "Dayun" plane and transported it to Beijing.

The first stop of the Chengdu Universiade torch relay is located in Beijing, the average age of the first torchbearers is only 34.4 years old, of which the youngest is only 16 years old, covering not only education, sports, science and technology, economy, medical and health circles, but also representatives of craftsmen and rural revitalization in major countries.

The 31st Summer Universiade torch relay series is planned to be held in colleges and universities in six cities across the country, after the launching ceremony at Peking University on June 6, the relay will be held at Harbin Institute of Technology on June 10, the torch will arrive at Shenzhen University on June 6 for relay, then the torch will return to the southwest region, the torch will return to Sichuan after the relay at Chongqing University on June 15, and the torch will be relayed at Yibin University on June 6. After returning to Chengdu, the Great Olympics torch will be passed on to many universities and Dong'an Lake Sports Park.

Where is the new "Ronghuo" torch of the Chengdu Universiade?

The torch is an important symbol in large-scale sports events, and the torch relay is not only to convey the spirit of sportsmanship, but also to show the image of the city. The torch of the Chengdu Universiade is called "Rong Huo". The name means "Rong", the abbreviation of Chengdu, which also means "fusion".

The torch uses the colorful Universiade theme of four colors, which are self-contained, reflecting the concept of green, wisdom, vitality and sharing of the Chengdu Universiade.

On the front of the torch, the international super IP and Sichuan's "living fossil" - giant panda are the main elements, showing a warm, optimistic and inclusive cultural attitude.

At the top of the torch, the sun god bird, the symbol of Chengdu city image and the symbol of Chinese cultural heritage, unfolds the ideal arc in quenching and bravely pursues light.

On the side of the torch, the giant panda holds the torch, like a bronze statue in Sanxingdui, paying tribute to the ancient Shu civilization.

The shape of the bamboo leaf hole on the upper port not only meets the air intake needs of the flame, but also perfectly integrates with the giant panda.

In addition to design, we also pursue innovation in technology. In terms of fuel, "Ronghuo" uses biomass propane fuel, so that the form of the flame presents a bright yellow color; In terms of materials, the raw materials used in "Ronghuo" are all recyclable materials, which better reflects the concept of green hosting of the Chengdu Universiade.

Very Sichuan characteristics! What is the director of the Chengdu Universiade venue?

In this Universiade, Chengdu adhered to the principle of "green, thrifty and must", built 13 new Universiade venues, upgraded and renovated 36 existing venues, many of which have Sichuan characteristics in design.

Dong'an Lake Sports Park consists of "one game and three halls", of which "one" is the main stadium, which serves as the venue for the opening ceremony of the Chengdu Universiade.

The sun god bird pattern on the roof of the main stadium is integrated into the characteristics of ancient Shu culture, realizing the organic combination of tradition and modernity. Not far from the main stadium, there are Dong'an Lake Sports Park Multi-functional Gymnasium, Dong'an Lake Sports Park Swimming and Diving Hall and Dong'an Lake Sports Park Small Stadium. The "Three Halls" are three square buildings, integrated with the Circular Stadium, echoing the concept of "Round Place" and "Harmonious Coexistence" in traditional culture.

Phoenix Mountain Sports Park is the venue of this Universiade basketball competition. Overlooking the Phoenix Mountain Sports Park from the air, it resembles the tea lid, tea bowl and tea tray of Sichuan Gaiwan tea.

The exterior design of the gymnasium of Chengdu High-tech Sports Center is inspired by the special product Shujin with great historical and cultural heritage in the country of Tianfu, which is both smooth and flexible.

Chengdu Jianyang Cultural and Sports Center Gymnasium is the venue of the Universiade judo event, the façade of the venue is an abstract simplification of the traditional "porcelain tire bamboo weaving" process, the internal construction area is 2,8 square meters, including one 1 judo seat competition venue and one 3 judo seat warm-up venue, and 1,4 seats.