Beijing, 6 June (Zhongxin Net) -- In the early morning of 8 June Beijing time, the whereabouts of Messi's next stop finally settled. After all the rumors, the Argentine football superstar finally decided to move to the United States to join Internacional Miami.

The Miami international team posted a video about Messi on social platforms this morning. Major League Soccer officials also issued an announcement saying that although the formal agreement is still pending, they are very much looking forward to and welcoming Messi's arrival. When describing Messi, Major League Soccer uses the "goat" icon, which means "GOAT," the Greatest of All Time.

In an interview with foreign media, Messi revealed the reason for the decision: "Because in Europe, I just want to go back to Barca. ”

Image source: Major League Soccer Social Media

Leave the team

Last week, Messi ended a two-year Ligue 1 adventure amid boos from some Paris fans. Although he helped the team win a French Super Cup and two league titles during his time at Paris Saint-Germain, Messi and the club chose to part at the end of the season.

Looking back at Messi's career in recent years, "leaving" has become the norm he has to face. Two years ago, FC Barcelona announced that due to economic and institutional constraints, it was unable to complete the contract extension of star Messi.

When Messi bid farewell to fans at the Camp Nou stadium where he had fought for years, the affectionate man choked up several times. He was photographed with 35 trophies to commemorate the glory he had won for the team over the years. With countless helplessness, Messi said with red eyes that leaving Barca was the most difficult decision of his life.

Infographic: Messi at the farewell Barca press conference

Bringing the memory back 23 years, when Barcelona scout Lexage used a napkin to bring Messi to Camp Nou. From teenager to superstar, a moving story begins.

At that time, Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. At that time, Messi's team was unwilling to bear the high cost of treatment, and the discerning Barca saw the infinite possibilities of his future.

On February 2004, 2, Messi officially signed his first professional contract with Barca. After that, the small player who was 4.1 meters tall gradually grew into a giant on the green field.

Seventeen years have passed in a flash. Messi played a total of 777 official games for Barcelona's first team, scoring 672 goals and helping the team win 35 trophies. During this period, Messi won the Ballon d'Or six times, the European Golden Boot six times, the World Footballer of the Year six times, and broke a series of records.

In the eyes of Barca fans, Messi is the eternal shining star at Camp Nou.


In competitive sports, "one person, one team, one city" is a beautiful fairy tale that everyone yearns for, but the reality often backfires. The story of Messi and Barca came to an abrupt end in the summer of 2021.

However, despite the bumps in his club career, Messi's results in the national team have taken a leap forward since his contract with Barca expired.

In July 2021, Messi led Argentina to the Copa America title, his first time lifting the national team trophy. With his status as winner of the Copa America, Messi pocketed the 7 Ballon d'Or.

The data picture shows Messi in the game

In June 2022, Messi helped Argentina win the Euro-American Cup. At the end of the year, he led the team to the top of the world, lifting the Hercules Cup, the highest honor in football.

Some voices pointed out that Messi's success in the national team is partly due to the advantage of Greater Paris in Ligue 1 - due to the lower difficulty of the league, Messi has more energy to focus on the Argentine team. Some Parisian fans believe that Messi is not committed enough to club games and is therefore dissatisfied with him.

After two seemingly unsatisfactory seasons, Messi parted peacefully with Paris.

The screenshot comes from the official social media of Paris Saint-Germain


Before joining Internacional Miami, there were a lot of rumors on the Internet that "Messi is about to return to Barca". FC Barcelona also issued a statement this morning saying that the club's president Laporta met with Messi's father and agent Jorge on Monday, but unfortunately failed to bring Messi back. Barca said it would hold a tribute ceremony to the player who was beloved by Barça fans in the past, present and future.

"I hope to come back at some point in the future and be part of the club, no matter what role it is. Hopefully I can come back in the future to do something at the club and bring something to the club, I hope this club is the best club in the world. This is Messi's heartfelt words in front of the camera at the Barca fans' farewell party.

However, the story ends up going in the opposite direction. Messi failed to return to the place where his dreams set sail, and "Camp Nou" failed to welcome back their king.

Data map: On March 2013, 3, in the 17th round of La Liga, Messi wore the captain's armband for the first time. Image source: ICphoto

Leaving Europe's five major leagues, considered the center of world football, Messi chose his next stop. Miami International is part of Major League Soccer, and many of the biggest names have played here later in their careers. The arrival of Messi has also made many fans speculate: Is the 36-year-old going to leave the green field soon?

Whether club or national team, Messi's career has been successful enough that he no longer needs trophies to prove himself. If playing in Miami allows him to simply enjoy football, how is that not a happiness?

For fans, as long as they can still see Messi running on the football field, those youth-related years will not be far away. (End)