IFK Värnamo's home ground Finnvedsvallen is not approved for Allsvenskan play.

But the club has been granted an exemption when a new stadium is to be built. Now, however, the arena construction will be postponed by three years, which means that IFK Värnamo will not be able to play at home for at least four years.

– Having the arena is a prerequisite for being able to remain in Allsvenskan and build up a strong and stable economy so you can deliver back to the community. The arena is not just a football field, it is intended to be so much more, says Lisa Lidén, club manager, to SVT Sport.

In a statement on the website, Lidén writes that the club may be forced to close down its elite investment if the decision to postpone the stadium construction stands.

– All associations of our size are incredibly dependent on having partners, business and the municipality that support. Moving the matches... Then there are perhaps fewer reasons for companies to sponsor us, big obstacles to follow and support their team that does not play at home. It's like hitting the nail in the coffin to move the elite activities and matches to another city.

"Don't think we can do it"

Does that mean you have to fold the first team completely?

"This means that we do not see that it is financially sustainable to train here and play elsewhere. It will not be financially sustainable to keep up with the elite investment. I do not think we will be able to do that.

How have the sponsors reacted?

"There are a few who have contacted us and made it very clear that there is no great value for them to invest in an elite team that does not play at home. It is very sad and a reality that we face if it becomes the decision.

The politician behind the decision is the Center Party leader Johan Hilding. To Värnamo.nu, he has said that "such an investment may mean that we need to save on staff in schools, health and social care". Lidén does not share this idea.

"School, health and social care should always be prioritised. However, we know that it will not be cheaper to build an arena later, we think it is incredibly sad that you can not keep two thoughts in your head at the same time.

SVT Sport has sought Johan Hilding.